Why is it so hard to find other asexuals who are willing to look outside the box

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    Fenicia Rosario

    I don’t understand why it’s so hard to get replies to topics that are important to our community. I see replies but old ones so where are all the newer most recent 2018 replies from serious readers and people who are interested in this type of relationship, whether it’s platonic or one of the asexual categories. If you don’t take a chance at wanting to share your life with someone you may end up very lonely which is okay if that is what you want however, I don’t. 🤔😚


    Personally I think its the pressure of our current society. There’s so much to deal with each day and finding moments for us to think on what we want/need is harder than others because we have to deal with a sex based society and its way of thinking. We get brought up with the straight/marriage/kids ideal life and theres very little wiggle room. Those growing up now and in the future will have it 3asier but that doesn’t help us now. Especially because we aren’t considered as a real/true sexualising identity.

    Lisa S

    I think people give up on the site because it’s so quiet. I pop back occasionally but there’s never anyone here x

    Peridot Flare

    I’ve been hanging out at ace-book.net. There’s a lot more activity there.


    huh might look into that. Always good to try things. I am curious about the ‘out of the box’ comment in the intro. What box? We are already out of one being ace and not wanting the cookie cutter family – which seems to be an issue with everyone. Even my family who seemed to be fine with my (lack of) sexuality have been making mire and more comments about me getting married and having a family. I dont take offence cos I know they are just looking out for me but it slightly hurts that they don’t give what I say the respect that I do for them.

    Also the notifications on this website is shit so that doesnt help anyone.

    Mesh (Meeesh)

    Yeah… It is hard to connect with anyone here at all. Even if you have other ways to communicate on your profile (kik, FB, email) nobody is back here for years at a time. I just came back after 6 years away.


    Yeah i only just joined up again a few months ago

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