Who else is looking for a Living Apart Together relationship?

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    If I was to be in a relationship, I would want a serious and committed Living Apart Together, monogamous relationship, without sex, marriage or kids. With a younger guy. I would want him to ideally live near me, but not with me, and would rather spend quality time with them, say one day a week doing fun things we both like together, rather than quantity – I am a huge career girl and so no time for that. I would want to keep in touch daily with messages and sometimes some calls or Skype. Who else is looking for a Living Apart Together relationship without sex, marriage or kids and how would that work in practice for you?


    I find myself trying to imagine what this relationship would look like from the guy’s perspective. Is the monogamy in reference to him not having any other friends except you, insofar that he always puts you first and never allows any of his own interests to interfere? Or is it more of a ‘I don’t want to share you with a wife’ situation?

    Except for the monogamy part, this sounds like a best-friend/sibling relationship. I wonder, would you get jealous do you think?

    I don’t think this would work for me, ironically, because I’d hate to have to talk to them every day! 😀 I dislike text messages and although I’m generally always on Skype (or rather, it is always on), I use it as a message board rather than a chat forum. I’d like a friend I can always depend on to be there, but I don’t think I could lay claim to all of their time without committing more of mine – unless they too wanted only one point of social contact and only one day a week. Then it’d all be good, obviously!


    Hi Von

    I have lots of friends online and friends in person I chat to. More guys than girls. I expect them to have other friends and it wouldn’t be a sibling type thing at all. It would be a quirky loved up teenage style relationship. That we commit to being just us two in this way. Do not kissing and laying in bed with others, for example, but very much in love with each other. Spending quality, rather than quantity time together and keeping that special bond alive the rest of the time with texts, calls and messaging. I like full on snogging and embracing, and even sitting on a guy’s lap(Grey A) and there is no way I want to do that with just my friends.

    Thanks for sharing your point of view. I have lived on my own for 11 years and like it that way. It would be nice if my soulmate came along and moved to be near me. I love my home and my life. Until the right person comes along, I am happily single.

    Take care.


    I’m with ya sista! That sounds perfect.


    Hi Lindsay

    Thank you.

    It’s so hard to find an ace who wants the same and the ones who say they do are not serious. I am focusing on my career now and trying not to focus on finding the one, but on having lots of quality friends instead.

    I hope you have better luck than me and let me now how you get on

    Sandra x


    That sounds pretty ideal to me. I could be comfortable living with my partner (but ideally that we have separate rooms, if not, it’s not the end of the world, I suppose) and just as comfortable living not in the same unit but as neighbours – basically, close enough for one of us to comfortably hang out and walk back alone to our own place in the middle of the night. In the same building, block, 3 or 4 blocks, etc.

    I feel like the main motivation I have for living in the same unit as a partner is just finances. Sharing the cost of rent (or, especially, if we are able to purchase a home together), utilities, etc frees up a LOT for us to then be able to invest in other things, also hopefully to do together – like traveling, starting new projects, what not.


    Hi Kai

    Thanks for sharing that. I am financially sorted living on my own and more secure than I ever was living together with someone in the past. I love specifically where I live so hoping one day a foreign guy moves to live near me. It would help from his point of view if he already lived in the UK, as I think it’s hard for most to get into this country otherwise.

    Unlike most other people, I have no desire to travel outside the UK, apart from Disneyland Paris. I am not a sightseeing or sunbathing girl, and not into nature – I would have thought the is much to the shock of most people, because at the end of the day – everyone tends to think everyone is into nature. I like the Quayside 5 minutes walk from my home and am very lucky and fortunate to have that bit of nature/countryside near me, for which I feel truly blessed every single day of my life.I am a doing girl and I like to go the theme parks, zoos, aquariums, science museums- (not history museums), out for meals and to the cinema/theatre, and just have quirky teenage romantic fun.


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