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    For me, asexuality has never been an issue. I have always been comfortable (even prideful) of having no sexual desire for other people. When I discovered that what I was had a name (and wasn’t just some singular genetic quirk), I went looking for other people like me. I wanted to feel that ‘one of us’ sensation, where everyone is on the same level. I didn’t want to be the odd one out, in at least one location.

    Instead, I found what seemed to be a small sea of people just like the ones at home. Just as obsessed with finding a partner, just as fixated on love, just as needy for someone beyond themselves. And hey – nothin’ wrong with that! But this here is a space for those people who feel a bit uncomfortable, or baffled, or even condescending with romantic yearning in general.

    Maybe nobody will need to post here. 🙂 But, maybe there are other people who’d like some new friends who are asexual so they’re not ‘until I get married’ friends and who are aromantic so this won’t turn into a ‘prospective partners’ forum. If so, they can come here to whinge about all those darn romantic types 😉 or just make some like-minded friends.

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