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    Hello everyone.
    I’ve tried to connect with other aces in my hometown but I haven’t had much luck.
    Thought I would try connecting with some people outside of my hometown.

    I guess I’ll go first…

    Home – Calgary, Canada
    Gender – Male
    Age – 32
    Occupation – Legal
    Do you have children? – No
    Do you want Children – Yes
    Looking for – Female 20s – Mid 30’s
    Are you willing to relocate for your partner? – No


    Hi Everyone
    I am looking for a soulmate to share lifes ups and downs with. I want cuddles and affection just NO sex.

    I have often thought about adoption if I was in a stable caring relationship but that is a whole new topic xxxx


    Home – Boston, MA
    Gender – Female
    Age – 22
    Occupation – Temp
    Do you have children? – No
    Do you want Children – Maybe
    Looking for – Any partner, 20’s
    Are you willing to relocate for your partner? – Maybe.

    I just want to feel connected to someone. To feel that I have something real, someone I can confide in and build a life with, without feeling pressured for sex in some way.


    Hi! I’m Lauren, looking for a long term committed hetero-romantic relationship.

    Vancouver, Canada
    preferably not.

    And yes, I agree. Looking for a compatible ace takes the pressure off!


    I’m from Akron OH and I’m a 39yrs single mom of three boys. I’m ok with someone who has kids, I just can’t have anymore kids myself. I’m a security officer but thinking of going into mortuary school. Looking for a local Male between 30 and 46. I’m a weirdo with a heart of gold that’s very kind and loyal.

    Connor Baldwin

    I’ll be late to the party and bring up the rear, I guess.

    Home: I live in Phoenix now but plan to move to Indiana in a couple months.
    Gender: I’m a dude
    Age: Thirty years of wandering this earth
    Occupation: Running a web dev company
    Do you have children? Nope
    Do you want children? Maybe
    Looking for? An asexual ladyfriend roughly my age
    Are you willing to relocate for your partner? Maybe.

    I feel like I’m like a lot of people on this site in that I want to find a real and romantic connection, but without the pressures obligations of sex.


    Home – New Orleans, LA
    Gender – Male (he/him pronouns)
    Age – 34
    Occupation – Biologist, Federal
    Do you have children? – No
    Do you want Children – Maybe
    Looking for – Any partner, male or female in 30’s.
    Are you willing to relocate for your partner? – No.

    New Orleans seems to have a very visible LGBTQ community, but I have had troubles finding many asexuals in the area. My dating expectations are still fresh with seeking a good match who enjoys traveling, nature, science, and hiking. This pandemic has thrown a wrench in my planning, so am aiming to better adapt to this online format.

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