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    Im trying to create a survey to determine how much does the height of the partner matters in a platonic relationship? For example men generally like women to be shorter than them and women generally like men to be taller. There is (to my knowledge) no supported scientific reason for why this is (for example some may say that for women this is an evolutionary response for their need to be protected but i havnt found any evidence to support this theory) what im trying to do is figure out whether those height preferences are the same for those seeking platonic relationships or not and therefore ultimatly determine if the height preferences are due to sexual or cultural nature. Can you also provide your height and your ideal height for a partner. For me, im around 5’7 (170cm) and dont have an ideal height for the partner however most of my love interests were taller or similar in height to me.

    Fenicia Rosario


    When it comes to having a platonic relationship height is no issue to me anymore especially, now that I am a seasoned person with a much more mature and open mind. In my younger years it did matter because it was not only a societal issue and I say that because it still is to a certain degree. It was a vanity and low self-esteem issue with me most of all. I did not want any of my “love interest” shorter than this 5’3” young lady, I would run all over their emotions!!! WOW, did I have a lot of growing up to do.

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