How To Develop A Solid Long Distance Relationship

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    Once you claim your identity as an asexual you will find yourself remarkably alone or isolated. Since 1% of the worlds population claims asexuality. We are scattered all over the globe. This means if we’d like to establish a relationship without sex we must concede to the fact that the probability for us to have a long distance relationship (LDR) is high. So, I’m here to try to help us create a dialogue for finding ideas on starting and keeping a LDR. As an asexual, I believe, it is important for to establish an ongoing policy to help us (asexuals) create, maintain and ultimately make our LongDistancePartners (LDP) into a lifelong one.

    First you must become comfortable with handling timezones. You should know when your LDP is working, sleeping, playing and/or relaxing and so forth. So that communication can be relatively easier than before. Maintaining a strong LDR requires planning, dedication, patience, and communication.

    Second, you should be in constant communication with your LDP, sharing your every day life and moments through photographs, messages and face-to-face. Social Media is so conductive for LD relationships that there is no excuse not to start and maintain one. Yes, it’s a lot of work. But would you rather be alone and isolated? or would like to be involve in creating a potentially lifelong union with the person you love?

    I think since we are new and are establishing different identities in terms of our asexuality we are virtually unknown, even to each other, so we should be in constant communication with each other anyway. Plan with your partner on which social platform will be helpful to your relationship’s growth and prosperity.

    Don’t leave a communication session without scheduling the next communication session together. Always give a response even if you can’t talk right now – tell your partner “I got your message, but busy now – will get back to you later.” This leave love flow working. Communication is the thread for maintaining a viable LongDistanceRelationship (LDR). Always keep those lanes opened.

    Third, If you get to the point where you will finally decide to meet your LDP one day, then you must start setting your goals right away. A good way that I save money for trips is that I recycle my money not spending my change. I usually save 10 dollars a day for six months roughly equalling to about $1800. This is enough to take a plane without having to work an extra job. Yes, this takes much discipline. But if you really want to meet your LDP then you’ll will do it.

    Next, plan on meeting your LDP half way distance wise. For example, the United States is about 3000 miles wide. If you live in Los Angles and your LDP lives in New York, you both may want to decide to travel 1500 miles and meet in Houston, Texas, for example, meeting each other in in middle. Share food, hotel and sightseeing costs, making the union a potentially fun and productive time for your future together.

    Ok,… let’s work together in establishing some rules, policy and ideas for establishing a LongDistanceRelationship. For the time being this will be our way for creating new relationships until our voice is heard in our local areas and as we find people just like us. Let me know your thoughts.

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