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    Megan Remy

    So I’m new here, and to the Ace community in general. I had no idea that there was a name for how I felt until last year. If we’re gonna get specific I consider myself demisexual. I’m a pretty introverted person as well but I’m very easy to talk to. I’m a great listener. But I love video games and I can talk about them for hours! Hope to talk with you guys soon!


    Hello Megan (and anyone else reading!) o/

    So, the forums seem sadly lacking in chat, but I thought I would just reply in the first available post lol

    I’m pretty new here, and having just come out of a 3yr relationship not looking to rush into anything, but def looking to make some new friends I hope… And who might be able to help me better understand myself and where I stand on the asexual scale (I am calling it that for now as I’ve read a lot of terms I’ve never heard of and would like to understand so I know which I would classify myself as if I had to!)

    Which video games do you like? I’m fond of mmos arm myself 🙂

    How about anyone else? Any other newbies around?


    Hey im new too haha! Just joined under 30min ago ^^
    Enjoy ur stay 😀


    Yup, I’m a newbie! Wow, you weren’t kidding…this forum is pretty dead. I wonder if it’s nerves, or no one being sure what to say! Hahaha

    I haven’t played video games in a while, but I used to play Black Ops! What’s mmos arm? I could google it, but it’ll be a good conversation starter if you’re still checking the forums for updates. 🙂


    Oooo pleasantly suprised to pop back on here and see some replies!

    Hi nat o/
    Hi M o/

    Mmo is basically an online game where you can play with other people from all over the world… Some examples I’ve played include world of Warcraft, ark survival evolved, star wars the old republic, everquest… There are many many out there to try =)

    Is black ops single player/first person shooter type game?

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