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    Hi 😀
    I just joined the site.
    A lightbub went on a couple of weeks ago reading an article. It’s good to know that there is other people out there who’s not interested in sex.
    I always wanted someone to be close to, but no one I’ve (tried to) date has been OK with me not wanting to have sex. I like to cuddle and kiss, but thats the limit.
    I’ve got more support than most I suppose.. I have a twin and she thinks she’s demi. No one else know, and I think some friends will find it very hard to accept, but I’m very glad to have figured it out!
    I would love to talk to you all and I can’t express how glad I am I found you guys 😉


    Hello, I’ve considered myself asexual for a long time now, since grade 8. I was always hesitant to claim it but then I found out about demisexuality/gray-a and now I am confident in identifying myself. It never felt fair when people would refer to me as heterosexual just because I had only dated women. So… glad to be here! but this website kinda seems really broken, no offense…

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    Alicia Smith

    Yeah, it does seem like that…and it sucks


    I found out about asexuality and that I’m asexual about two years ago after I told my mom my feelings about sex, sexual things in general, and my lack of attraction to others; even those I’d had a crush on in the past. Luckily, my mom was and is pretty accepting of me. My mom had told me that maybe I was celibate. So, because I wanted to know what that meant, I looked it up, found it wasn’t quite right for me, and eventually found an article about asexuality. While I was reading it I had a moment where I realized: “Huh. That’s exactly how I feel.” I showed my mom the article and, as it turned out, she had suspected me being asexual for a while. She had just gotten the words celibate and asexual mixed up.


    Also, I got to eat some amazing sushi tonight. Amazing and cheap, so it was a win-win situation. All of the plates of sushi/rolls/etc. were on these conveyor belts. Depending on the color of the plate, that’s how much it cost; the highest price was only $4.50.


    Welcome Victoria ! 😀

    Yeah I can understand your mother, I think most of people could react like “you are asexual, but just for a moment”. But you are lucky to can talk about this at your mother! Really, because lot of people don’t know what is asexuality, and even if they know this word, most of them can’t understand, I think ^^

    Bye !


    Hey, I’m Susannah. I figured out I was asexual back in May. Growing up I never really thought of myself as different, but that may be because I never interacted with anyone outside of my church or private Christian school. Sex was just something no one talked about and when it was, the message was always “resist the temptation until after marriage”. Same deal with the Christian college I went to.

    Morgan Decker

    Hi everyone 🙂

    My name is Morgan and I just joined this site today. I’ve always known I was different in that I wasn’t experiencing physical or sexual attraction (I’m actually repulsed by the idea of sex) but I only just recently learned that there was a word for it. I’m here to connect with other asexuals like myself and ideally find a relationship. Hope everyone has a great week!


    My name is Emily and I also recently decided to identify myself as an asexual, like many of you guys! I realized this a couple of months after getting out of an abusive relationship with a guy who clearly didn’t understand that I didn’t like engaging in sexual activity, while the whole time we were together he completely ignored who I was as a person, emotionally and physically. I’ve always been uncomfortable/disgusted with the thought of sex ever since I could remember (I was constantly terrified that one day I would have to have sex with my spouse in order to have a functioning, normal relationship). Now I feel more open with myself knowing that there are many different ways to be intimate with your partner other than engaging in sexual activity! You could imagine what a relief that was! Now, I’m trying to meet other asexual people, to be friends or to hopefully find someone I can truly connect with! I’m so grateful that there’s a place like this where we can all meet and get to know one another! Happy Thursday! 🙂

    Jessica Sutton

    I am new to the site to. I discovered I was an ace one lonely summer at my university two years ago , I had just broken up with my boyfriend at the time over many things. One of them being , he wanted sex, and I really didn’t. I thought I was dysfunctional , but felt I shouldn’t be. I thought to myself ” priests and monks are chaste, whats wrong with me being so?” So I looked up the ethics behind it, in my search I found out about asexuality. It fit me all too perfect. I have only come out to close friends and my grandmother.
    I joined this site to meet a potential partner as well as other aces I can celebrate being an ace with. So glad this group was started !
    I have been reading though other posts as well , I have to say many of you have been though a lot and I commend your bravery and journey of self discovery.


    Hi from the Philippines! I stumbled on the idea of asexuality when I joined Tumblr this year. It made a lot of sense. It was like a torrent of sense! The feeling that I’m not the only one who has these experiences was such a relief, much like finding out I was INFP.

    There’s this sense of belongingness in finding out there are people I could relate about this out in the world. But with this knowledge, I find I’m also more aware of why I feel so odd or don’t give much of a shit (sorry) when my friends are on the topic of sex. Perhaps I just went along and feigned interest with these discussions before out of politeness or just to appear normal, or something else. Doing that now would be deliberate and feel inauthentic. At least now, I’ll appreciate the topic but only because these are events that pertain to the people I care about. But still, like I said in my profile…it’s been quite isolating now that I’m aware of it. T^T

    So, since most of my friends have been meeting people on Tinder, I figured it won’t hurt to sign up here. (End of rambling. And not my native language so sorry if some of my usage is weird. Please correct me in a PM, haha.)


    Looks like a lot of us are newbies to the site. I’m also new to the term asexual in relating to people, I only was aware of it as a term for things like amoebas that don’t need a partner to reproduce.

    I’m so new in fact that I don’t know any of the terminology some of you are using, like the INFP?? what does that mean? I’m still not sure if I am asexual or not, but there does seem to be an awful lot of variants involved & levels of asexuality. I’m here to learn & possibly discover some things about myself.


    The INFP refers to the meyers Briggs personality test. It’s kind of fun 🙂
    I’d link you to one if I wasn’t on my phone, but google should be able to help


    I am so glad you are all out here! I have been checking out these websites for a few years now but there has never been anyone to talk to…no chats like this with so many members…yippee! 🙂 I try to talk to my friends and family about how I am feeling but, after disappointing support from others, I found that maybe my “problem” was just too big for them? I am an asexual and have not dated for more than 15 years. I told myself I am better off by myself but I am starting to feel very sad. I want a boyfriend or husband and I’m frustrated that something so seemingly stupid and small like sex is always in the way…but then, to sexuals…sex is such a big deal….


    Hello my name is Andrew,
    I kinda just gave up on dating as a whole, since no sexual desire what can I use to really pick to find somebody? idk. But I do hope to meet more people like me, I love to talk about ideas, and other people’s thoughts on things. I don’t really know how to even meet people with just this conversation style let alone asexuals so hopefully here I can get some help. Thank you for reading.

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