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    Please use this thread to introduce yourself to the rest of the members:

    1. Name (or nickname)
    2. Age
    3. Location
    4. Likes and/or Dislikes
    5. What you’re looking for
    6. Any other info you’d like to share =)

    This is me:
    1. Cristina or Tina
    2. 30
    3. Portland, ME
    4. Likes: Art, music, literature, animals, vegan food, learning, traveling, cooking/baking
    5. Would like to meet a like-minded lady, distance is only a minor detail. I’m up for chatting, pen-pals, dating, everything but a fling or one night stand or FWB
    6. I’m an open book and love Q&A

    Kaitlyn (Lyn)

    1. I go by Kaitlyn offline and Lyn online. Either is fine, but I dislike being called Kait.
    2. 22
    3. Cleveland, Ohio
    4. Playing instruments, music in general, nail art, fashion, getting really into TV shows and I’m starting to get into makeup. Dislikes include bugs and the texture of wet paper. My favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas but a major pet peeve of mine is people putting out Christmas decorations before Halloween.
    5. I’m not really sure yet, to be honest. I’m just kinda seeing where things go on this site since I just made my account tonight. I’m definitely into making friends and chatting and playing games, but finding a date would be fun too ๐Ÿ˜‰
    6. Idk um…my favorite bands are The Butterfly Effect, Billy Talent, Korn (1992-2006, I haven’t paid attention to anything newer than that), Breaking Benjamin, Echosmith and Anberlin. My favorite album might be Buiikikaesu by Maximum the Hormone tho. And my favorite singer’s voice is Adore Delano/Danny Noriega. I just love the way her voice sounds like urgh I can listen to her album on repeat just for her voice.


    Hi Kaitlyn! Thanks for posting =)

    What kind of instruments do you play?

    What TV shows are you addicted to?

    If binge watching was a sport, I might win a medal =/


    Doesn’t seem like this thread is used much, but ah well!

    1. I’m Jazzy, I also go by Jae.

    2. 24.

    3. Phoenix metro, specifically Mesa.

    4. Likes includes a huge list of movies and tv shows, especially animated stuff! Dislikes include allergies, because wth body, congrats on a successful revenge plot for all the unhealthy food I feed you. ๐Ÿ˜›

    5. As to what I’m looking for, I want to meet people a little more like me. My friends don’t really get my whole no-thanks-I-don’t-want-any-sexing attitude, so I occasionally get lonely. It’s seriously hard to meet people you want to be romantically involved with who don’t expect anything sexual, and I get a little lonely without commiseration.

    6. I am highly, highly amused by cheesy and obvious jokes. Somehow I am always surprised by them.


    Hey, im Em, 28 and from london UK. I love my footie martial arts n gym but recently started playing rugby(ouch).I’m looking for a WAG…😅 jokes..just looking for someone that doesnt make me feel like im a freak when i say i don’t like sex lol xx


    Hi. I am Chelsey. New to the site. Welcome messages ๐Ÿ™‚ Will check back often to see if anyone wants to chat. New to this forum and group business. lol Not exactly sure how it all works yet.


    hey anyone from amman?


    1. I’m Jennifer. I go by Jen
    2. 21
    3. Livingston, NJ
    4. Likes: music, animals, traveling
    5. new friends or a relationship
    6. I’m shy at first but I love getting to know new people! Feel free to add me ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lisa Bueno

    1. Lisa
    2. 39
    3. NYC
    4. Likes: Dogs, music, good tv, breat conversation.
    5. Ideally, I’d like to find a relationship with someone who understands I’m outside the beaten path. I’m only now discovering that I might be gay, because I so rarely experience purely physical attraction (I’m demi, I experience attraction with an emotional connection, and it doesn’t happen often, but I am interested in physical intimacy in whatever way works for us both). I’d also like to have more community in my life.

    Cijay Morgan

    1. Name Cijay (CJ)
    2. Age 54
    3. Location Edmonton Alberta Canada
    4. Likes and/or Dislikes: I like travel, going out to eat, movies, visiting on line, Broadway/live theatre (happy stuff, not Shakespeare), interfaith and international friendship and animals. Don’t like heavy baggage/headgames (one thing in particular is when someone says they’re ace “but doesn’t want to be pigeonholed, is always open for anything”), hardcore fandom nerds who can’t talk about anything else, people who friend everyone even though they have nothing in common.

    5. What youโ€™re looking for Ace relationship with a woman close to my age (54) who is social and likes to do things including long distance travel. Also doesn’t mind doing her own thing while I do mine (not “I went there with you, you should come here with me”), drama free (this would be I want someone whose ex is out of her life, physically and mentally) and who can go out for a social gathering without taking her phone along.

    6. Any other info youโ€™d like to share I’ve been burned several times. I am tired of someone introducing herself only to say “well, I don’t want to be pigeonholed as ace but I feel like I am”. My longest relationship (3 1/2 yrs) ended when she admitted that she had been hoping we would have children. Deal breaker for me. I don’t want children. I also don’t like being the only plan maker. If we’re going out somewhere local or long distance, I don’t like “sure, whatever you want, I’m just going along with you.” for everything.


    1. Hana
    2. 28
    3. Prague, Czech Republic
    4. Likes: cats, music, internet, movies and tv shows, reading, going for a walk
    5. friends or a relationship
    6. I’m shy, sensitive and very lonely, no friends at all. I feel like I don’t belong anywhere. I would like to change it so that’s why I’m here.


    1. Beth
    2. 24
    3. Preston, UK
    4. Likes quirkiness and geekiness
    5. Whatever life throws at me
    6. I don’t have many friends, and those I have, I keep close. I have social anxiety and am the fun that comes along with it. I’m full of useless facts though xD

    Hannah O’Neill

    1. Hannah
    2. 29
    3. Northampton, UK
    4. I like history, films, honesty, deep thinkers, and open people.
    5. Looking for a relationship
    6. I’m hoping to meet new people, and ideally find someone for a relationship. If you like me then I hope to hear from you


    1. Joss
    2. 40
    3. California
    4. Likes documentaries, binge watching Netflix, beer, coffee,
    Dislikes lazy and entitled people, mustard and curry
    5. Potential relationship
    6. Iโ€™m rather short..


    1. Chelsea
    2. 34
    3. Vancouver, Canada
    4. Likes coding, cats, movies, hanging out. Dislikes closed minds, negativity
    5. a relationship, but friends as well
    6. I’m socially awkward and have trust issues but I’m also friendly

    Lisa Fury

    1) Lisa
    2) 43
    3) Leigh UK
    4) Ferrets, my Smart car and les mills body combat and body balance workouts
    5) Looking for a relationship, penpals and friends
    6) I suffer from depression and in an intervert

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