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    Are there any other guys here that are of a similar persuasion that are genuinely looking to meet a partner? I spent so many years identifying as gay but never really felt part of the highly sexualised ‘scene.’ I recently realised I’m a homoromantic asexual and it’s so refreshing to now know who I really am. I would love to chat to guys who are in the same boat as me!


    Hey Daniel,
    You’re not alone on this. I feel the same way about my experience with the gay community. I also came out at 19 and felt so disjointed from the community. I ended up feeling like something was wrong with me because I had no desire to have a sexual relationship with random men on a casual basis. I always described myself as “naturally celibate” lol. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I became aware of sexuality. The more I learned about it, the more I identified with it. I hope you’re well! Say hi sometime!


    Hi guys. I’ve always found the gay community very welcoming and accepting. I fitted in okay despite the low sex drive compared to some of my friends. We joke around and I have always been fine with that. But I always knew I was still different in some way. This website is helping come out for a second time I suppose. I’m glad I can now meet other gay guys on here and similar ace websites.

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