What are your hobbies? Your dream hobbies (if you had the money)

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    My list would be long, but I came to Thailand to do extreme bird photography. I love ballroom/jitterbug dancing, astronomy, physics, reading, art, writing, swimming and hiking. In the USA I rode and trained horses and mules, and I still jam with other musicians. Obviously, I love to travel. I like to build new things.

    My dream hobbies: traveling the world taking photos of birds and hiking mountain ranges.


    My primary hobby, that I work on every day, is my own created universe. I have been creating it since I was 8 years old. It is extensive, and very detailed, currently in the early stages of a reboot after many years which adds much more to it, and I am currently building a Wikipedia for it as I reboot it.

    My dream hobby would be to create a 4X PC game based on it.


    Hi Sam,

    I was wondering if you created your universe as a way to escape from your own life from time to time? I have also created my own universe that I have made “revisions” to since I was in my young teens. Definitely not video game material, but I have been working on a novella based on it for some time.



    Hi Trish,

    Yes, it was originally begun as an escape from this reality. I spent much of my childhood alone, and my universe was there as something that seemed more real to me. As yours has, it has received many revisions over the years, though my few attempts at writing stories based on it were unsuccessful, as literature is one of the many things I have always struggled with. Thus, my universe comprises many spreadsheets, maps, detailed star systems and planetary statistics, economics and demographics, and detailed starship specifications. Thus the Wikipedia I am building is far more suitable for what I have created, as would a game based on its creation processes.

    It is something that I have to work on every day, at least for a little while.

    I wish you luck with your novella. If you ever wish to discuss it some more, feel free to message me. I am always intrigued to learn of other universes.


    Kat InLosAngeles

    A private starship world sounds pretty cool! I craft things, daily. Embroidery, mixed media, painting, knitting, I love it all. It’s like putting together a picture puzzle to me; seeing the bits and pieces coalesce into something whole and unique and pretty.

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