What if you're not sex repulsed?

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    I understand that many asexuals can’t stand the thought of sex. That’s pretty much why we’re here but I don’t actually feel like sex is gross. My friends find it funny that I’m an asexual who is actually fascinated by sex. If there was a major based on the study of sex I would be studying it. I probably sound so weird to some people. Like I knew for a long time that I was asexual. It’s just for awhile I thought I was something else because I never had a problem with having sex. I just don’t want it nor do I find people attractive. Sometimes it feels like I don’t fit in with my bisexual friends and on here. Is there anyone else like me?


    I’m not bothered by sex either. The attraction and/or wanting to have it just isn’t there for me.


    Hi! This makes complete sense to me! My friends also tease me because I am the one who brings sex up the most.

    I think part of it is because I really cant physically or emotionally understand wanting to have sex with another person, that talking to people who do is fascinating!


    This helps me out because I don’t know where I belong under this umbrella. I can have sexual fantasies but I have no desire to act on them. I can stimulate myself sometimes but when I’m with someone I feel numb. I’m not repulsed, I just don’t get anything from it. I have no idea where that puts me.


    I think that’s what threw me off for so long with understanding that I was an asexual individual. I don’t have a problem with discussing sex or if other people have sex. I also don’t have an issue with occasional self stimulation, but I’ve never had the urge or desire to engage with another person in sexual acts. I still find people attractive, but I’d never want to do more with them than kiss and a good cuddle.

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