Where is that flirtatious character?

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    Matt Dalonzo

    CMON people! Share yourself. Where are you from? Is your wifi on because I feel no connection here. Give me a pickup line. Tell me where you want to go on a date. Something! ZzzzzZzzzzz How did you feel when someone made a “pass” at you. Hand on back or on knee.Tell it! Why are you a Gray Ace?


    I just joined, and I’m so glad there’s someone on here who wants to engage! I hope I’m not too late…

    To answer your question, a co-worker with whom I was friendly recently made it clear he was “flirting” with me. Aside from the fact that there was no attraction on my part, he’s married with 2 young kids at home. I was so thoroughly disgusted, I just started avoiding contact with him. He proceeded to start pursuing me, which was even worse.

    I should have said, “Sorry. I’m just not into you,” at the start. Honesty is not always the best policy, in my experience, but this is one time it would have been.

    Matt Dalonzo

    That’s a horrible flirt. Nothing worse than a meaningless flirt. It’s like the guy at work whom has all these girlfriends on side, a woman at home with kids and you hit on me? Next time ask them -Since you really don’t have it going on, thank you for thinking that I could make your life so much better! Walk off. To me I like a quality flirt. One that is real. You can see the person’s nervousness. Genuine not rehearsed or practiced in mirror while shaving. That’s what I like to do. What is a good flirt for you?


    A good flirt, in my opinion, should be light and airy, fun and carefree, with no agenda other than to enjoy it for what it is in that moment.

    Matt Dalonzo

    Well said. I’ve been a gray ace all my life. So anytime I did flirt it was fun. However when I got older I realized the fun was gone and people seemed desensitized. It’s ok. I still have fun with people and that is most important. Having fun with people doesn’t make me feel so asexual and connected. I enjoy saying hi to women on my motorcycle. A nice wave and smile without revving the engine and my last girlfriend was 9 years ago.



    I also just joined and am glad that there is some activity (:

    Dunno if I can quite answer why I’m a gray ace, but I am. I’m still pretty young though, so maybe there’s an answer somewhere down the line. I’ve had some not too great dating experiences, and I guess you could say I’m just so over it but still want intimacy and to connect.

    I am definitely not flirtatious at all. I’m not super serious, but I just act like my normal self, and maybe I’m just extra nice and friendly if someone tickles my fancy 😛

    Matt Dalonzo

    Hi Liz!

    I understand your post totally. Being young, emotions are difficult to manage and sometimes decipher.
    This can be challenging for adults so whatch out for the changes that occur in adulthood.
    I’ve been a gray ace my whole life and stayed connected with the core society being able to embrace the human experience. I hope that one day asexuals can just have fun with sexuals even if they never have had sex. At the same time, I can’t stand people that talk about sex all the time.
    Look at what that did to 3-4 POTUS’!
    Liz have fun, be careful and take your time!

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