what does grey asexuality mean to you?

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    To me it means that there is a possibility for sexual attraction under very limited situations. Since its not easily testable, I identify more with asexual people than sexual ones. Pretty sure I’m not a demi sexual though because I have been in love before, and have had sex with the person I loved.

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    I understood that a demisexual only feels attraction for one person who has been a soul mate for a period of time. That would be me. I made up my own name for myself-“monosexual.” I also can be initially attracted to anyone, but feel disgust the moment I start to imagine anything sexual, hence the “grey” ace. Again, this applies to me.


    I agree with you Grace… the thing is that I’ve been in love.. or I thought… there’s always some scale in feeling in love… but then it was gone… I do not know really a name, so grey it’s the best definition for me. I’m attracted to men, altough I feel asexual, so that’s for me being grey 🙂


    for me I am largly interest in the person, I see that femal almost like a beautiful peace of art, I admire them and greatly enjoy spending time with them, I am not against having sex, but the thought of getting into bed with someone, is very slightly repulsive, like I am defiling a peace of art. its weird to compare a human being to an inanimate object but thats the best way I can find it.


    I’m just glad to have discovered there’s a word for what I am!
    Basically, I do feel arousal and have enjoyed sex in the past, but I enjoy other acts of intimacy more and the social norm that sex should be the dominating theme of a relationship has put me off pursuing one for a long time.


    I got a hell of difficulties to find were I stand (if I really found it) I have sexual needs, but only as a fantasy, as soon it becomes real, I loose all interest in the act. Aaand I don’t feel sexual attraction to people.


    Hi Nicolas

    That is tough.

    I am a heteroromantic and 100% asexual but have grey areas – because I love passionate kissing and feeling naturally excited with my clothes on – as soon as they come off, it does not feel exciting or good – in my mind I never want sex but do experience high arousal – I call myself a Grey A – because I have Grey Areas, and would never call myself a Grey Asexual as I am sure I am asexual.


    I’m thinking I might be greysexual I don’t know.
    Not really into oral sex or intercourse. But kissing, cuddling and mutual masturbation and some kink I am fine with. I have always had a low sex drive. Confidence issues. Sex has always been low on my priority list and seemed clumsy or an effort. Its meant I’ve been single most of my life.


    Hi everyone. Glad to be a Member


    Anyone in London want to hang out.

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