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    So I started my account a couple of weeks ago, I even went ahead and got a full membership, I mean $15 a year is not bad at all, especially if it means finding someone in this world that I can relate to and have common interests without feeling like I am completely alone among my friends. I have hardly had anyone “friend” me or message me, and the ones I have messaged have not even replied to me. Then, i had a couple people use “kik” and we talked on there for maybe a day and they don’t ever reply back now, so i didn’t want to keep bugging. I need help! I need people to tell me what is wrong with me? I am losing hope, I am on a couple different asexual sites and no luck whatsoever in meeting people, now granted I understand most of the people I have tried to talk to do not live in my state, but I don’t even care how far we are, if things develop they develop, distance should not be a reason to not pursue good people!

    Does anyone have any advice? Deeply appreciated!


    Its not you. Myself and others have had similar experiences. There seems to be very low activity on the ace sites. And I feel as though aces are more prone to shyness. I could be wrong. But there is certainly not anything wrong with you. I usually take long breaks from these sites from time to time because of the lack of activity. :/

    But hey, if you have Skype and want to join an Ace Skype Group, you are welcome to join. There are a handful of people in it.



    There is definitely nothing wrong with you. Unless there i also something wrong with me – which is always a possibility. 🙂 I joined a bit ago, maybe a month? And I have also messaged a few people. I read back from 1 person and after I replied, I haven’t heard anything again. I have a bit better luck on for people responding, but still not great.

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