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    Joe Hutton

    Hi all! Was thinking about starting a Skype group chat (title duh) so we could all actually socialise directly without awkward once-a-week texting. We’re clearly a diverse bunch; nerds, dorks, alternatives, hipsters, and normies! Let’s get to know each other!

    Add me: trijol102 (screen name is Videoflux RAMcart) and tell me you’re from this group in your contact request message!

    No trolling – If you wish to be edgy, do it elsewhere. Banter is fine, but be careful
    Respect and tolerate others – No discrimination of religion (except maybe WBC), race, romantic preference, gender, age, or petty things like taste in music and film.
    Let everybody speak! – I’m banking on at least a few shy people in this chat; make them comfortable, encourage them to speak up, do not take over the conversation in every call.
    Keep it safe! – I want this group to feel safe and comfortable for everyone. Be considerate to people who may be sensitive or intimidated.
    Have fun! – But not too much fun…. You sh#t on the floor: £50 fine, each time! xD


    Hi Joe.
    Just browsing through the forums now. There is a Skype group for aces with a handful of people in it. Feel free to join if you like. 🙂

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