Am I too ugly to find love?

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    Nathania Tasico

    Hi guys, my name is Nathania and I have trouble finding love.

    I haven’t had much luck with guys mostly because of my physical appearance. Then I found this guy online and we’re in a bit of a relationship, but I got so mad when he told me he was exchanging nude photos with other girls. I exchange nude photos with him too… and I thought he only had eyes for me, so I was heartbroken.

    I was hoping I can find luck here… find a nice guy who won’t treat me like a sex object. I’m already insecure enough with my body.


    If looks were a requirement for love, half the population on the planet wouldn’t exist.

    Looks are needed for lust though, and it’s true that a lot of relationships start with the spark of attraction and only then see how compatible their actual selves turn out to be. Some cheat, others fight, still more just don’t work out long-term and feel frustrated at the ‘wasted time’ – and then, some work, and they get held up as the ideal and the norm.

    I’m sorry to hear about your shitty experience. I’m glad that it seems you dumped his stupid ass? I think maybe sometimes insecure people give away too much of themselves (emotionally, psychologically, physically) in a crazy sort of bravery – like if they can just give enough, they’ll find what it is they need.

    I say, reach out – but wear armor. There be sharks in them fish-filled oceans.

    Wishing you the best.

    Dale L. Masters

    No one is too ugly to be loved.

    I think that you’re one of the lucky ones who will find a person (as opposed to just a human) who will love and care for you in a way you’re not used to.

    Keep strong, & carry on.
    Love from the USA.


    Hi. This is my first post on this site. I felt compelled to reply here first as it resonates with how I’ve been feeling for most of my life. Sometimes I still kind of do, even though I did find it, so I for one totally hear you. On that note, I’m glad the previous posters reassuringly wrote what they did.


    I’ve been feeling the same way my whole life.


    Hi Nathania

    Firstly there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way you look, and you 100% are not ugly at all. I am not attracted to women, but can tell you are pretty. So never believe this about yourself. If a guy ask for nudes, run a mile away from him, and more. I would never give a guy any nude photos of me and not one of my past heterosexual ex’s asked me for any either.

    One guy who is meant to be asexual and was on, said one of the things he likes to do in a relationship is exchange nudes, so I immediately said he is not the guy for me and I wished him well in his search for finding the one who is.

    Never be afraid to walk away from such guys, you are worth more than that xx



    Dear anyone reading this:

    You are beautiful, and you matter.

    Feel free to re-read that everyday. That is all. Carry on 🙂

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