Favorite animal and why? Or what animal represents you? :3

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    I love red pandas! They’re adorable; here’s an excerpt I read on red panda symbolism.

    Red Panda — Being happiest when the people and community around you is content, introverted but still involved in community ventures, the value of gentleness, tree wisdom, tree related divination., the power of touch, rejuvenation when alone, providing wisdom to a community while remaining apart from it. Studying the healing properties of plants and herbs, play more and worry less.

    >w< That sounds like me; I’m an introvert and I like to observe, but I can be playful and loving around those I consider dear to me. Then again I love all animals. My second favorite would have to be a wolf and then third comes tiger.

    I really can’t pick one animal to present me, so I’ll go with chimera, a mixture of lots of animal qualities. 🙂 Okay now who’s next?


    I love all animals but I seriously connected with my horses. Now I mostly connect with wild birds and express my love of them through bird photography.

    I suppose a bird would represent me in some ways.

    Perhaps it takes some sort of sexual drive to get people to motivated to connect..most dating forums are a bit more lively. But for all I know people are sending each other private messages


    My favorite animal is a wolf because they’re amazing. My fursona is a wolf of the name Beta. Beta is my name with the mantra of “I am second”. It means that I am here to live for God and for others. You can see my fursona in ‘My Photos’.


    I love rodents. They are so tiny, cute, funny and very smart!


    Oh wow! Haven’t checked this site in forever and there’s replies!


    I love giraffes. Lately I have been having a recurring dream of meeting a baby giraffe. It is a very peaceful dream.


    Alpacas number 1, and collared doves number 2.

    Alpacas are just all round winners, their fleece is like posh sheeps’ wool and even though they look placid for all intents and purpose they will actually drive away foxes etc from chicken coops.
    Also they create designated toilet zones, not many animals are on that sort of level.
    They can also be mischievous and spit, which always brings a sly grin to my face.

    Collared Doves because they have the perfect profile and probably don’t even realise, it’s simplicity in beauty…they also can’t seem to land or take off without telling the world all about it.

    I’m not too keen on cats however. It seems totally illogical that collectively we now pour scorn on dog owners who don’t clean up after their animal in public, yet cat owners get carte Blanche to load up their cat then fire it off into the community to download anywhere it likes.
    No doubt that’s a result of cat owners being over run by toxoplasmosis that they caught from their cat.
    If cats keep moving while on my property then we get on just fine.

    Liz M

    I absolutely love elephants. They are so huge and can at times be threatening, however they are caring and loving with their children. The entire herd looks after the little ones, just like neighborhoods in days gone by watched out for kids

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