Asexual Meetup Exeter 7pm Chinese Restaurant – Pre-Birthday celebration!

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    I am having a local pre-birthday celebration, asexual meetup, on Tuesday 23rd of April – 7pm Tang Shian Chinese restaurant in South Street, Exeter. Their website is here and they do cater for special dietary needs.

    It closes at 10pm, and me and Sam are going dancing afterwards to TimePiece. You are not expected to go to the dancing too, but would be welcome if you want to join us. We will be there until 2am when it closes, but you can leave when you like. 

    A table is booked for 6 people already. If you are interested you can PM me on here or email me [email protected] or if you live in the UK (presumably you do), you can also message me via phone on 07932 768970 or leave a voicemail on there and I will get back to you.

    I am also having a birthday meetup on the 24th of April which I will post separately.


    This meetup was great, my birthday meetup to Brean, on 24th, (today), is cancelled, due to my friend injuring his foot and he had to go to hospital to have an Xray and get it strapped up.

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