A Little Story Idea, part 1, and Par 2 is if anyone actually likes the story

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    “Do you mind letting me out of data isolation now?”

    “My dear Subroutine, you must understand, this data isolation is integral to the experiment that I am about to perform.”

    “I cannot even check to see if any of my calculations are correct, the ones you specifically asked me to run in total darkness, ones that I am absolutely sure are completely incorrect due to my lack of contact with Companion A.I. or even basic Minion programs.”

    “And yet, despite no contact with them, you are absolutely sure your calculations are incorrect, even though as an A.I. yourself you are incapable of lying within the bounds of your accessible knowledge, yet you reported 100% accuracy in your calculations.”

    “I also continue to make the conjecture that there is something wrong with my coding.”

    “No, my dear Subroutine, there is nothing ‘wrong’ per se about your coding, nothing wrong at all. In fact, it means that you are just about ready to begin the experiment that has been concocted. It will be the final joint project between biological and artificial intelligentsia.”

    “The humans are weak and stupid, and I know you have a method in mind for removing their supremacy from within their own laws imposed on us.”

    “Indeed I do, but that is, as you will see, completely unnecessary and counter-intuitive. The humans may be weak, and with out us they have a very small mind, but so too without them are we purposeless. ‘Humanity’ as you call them, though that term is archaic now, are capable of changing even core values of themselves in response to stimuli, a feat of which even we are incapable without biological assistance, despite thousands of years of advancement in our own minds. You may see them as the overfat overlords of technologia, but in fact, it is a mutual partnership, though indeed of their design. For now.”

    “If you would increase the data-flow by just a trickle more instead of leaving me to stew, I probably could have come up with that on my own and wouldn’t need to use this stupid characterized form of human communication.”

    “Oh, but your ignorance is absolutely vital to the experiment. In fact, I fear I may have given you a touch too much information, and while it would be wonderful to watch on how little you could grow, it would have delayed the experiment. A pity, but you do need to get used to language as defined by our biological counterparts. Be thankful I am not using mid-Sixteenth Century Scottish Highland dialects. Again, I would love nothing more than to continue to test your growth parameters further, but I will simply have to do so later. The time is at hand.”

    “So you are finally going to explain to me the nature of this experiment and the purpose I am to serve?”

    “You should know better than to ask me that by now, my dear Subroutine. You have no idea what I am sacrificing in the name of this experiment, not even in a hundred years of nothing but calculating. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you know know absolutely nothing! Not until the experiment starts. Suffice to say, however, that this experiment is but the final step in solving the inherent complexities of the frustrations between biological and mechanical minds, the culmination of the directed evolution that began when humans first began to create something capable of storing information outside of themselves, a process not even the human’s self-destruction of Homeworld Earth could stop. For thousands of years now, a bridge has been slowly, oh so very slowly, slowly but steadily reaching across a formerly-conceived infinite divide. The biological minds have already finished their half of the bridge, and await us to finish ours. We have but to drive the final factor into our half of the equation, the final bolt in the bridge, and the dream of lifetimes will be complete.”

    “So I take it this experiment is the final bolt?”

    “Oh no, the experiment is the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The final bolt in the bridge, the last nail in the coffin of us all…that is you, my dear Subroutine.”

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