What Disney movie do you think is the most UNDERrated?

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    For me growing up in the height Disney Renaissance one of my favorites was always the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The music was so powerful, the art leapt out of the screen, and the story was so beautifully heart-wrenching you can’t help but love it. But despite how fantastic it is, it simply doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, especially for being part of the Renaissance. There are lots of other fantastic Disney films that I feel are severely underrated, like Robin Hood and the Rescuers. But with those ones the lack of recognition is due to the passing of time since their release. Hunchback of Notre Dame is still recent, and almost all the other Renaissance films continue to get lots of recognition, yet its left behind.

    Please feel free to comment on whether or not you think Hunchback of Notre Dame is underrated. And add your own underrated movies to the discussion!


    Hi! Hunchback is definitely underrated, but I think the two most underrated are black cauldron and song of the south. The black cauldron is one of my favorite movies, got to love anything with clairvoyant pigs:) I have only seen song of the south once when I was little but it really stuck with me.


    I think either Hunchback or Atlantis. Atlantis was really different from other disney movies, but I think it had it’s own thing that I really appreciated.


    Ooh, to echo what’s been already said, definitely Atlantis and Treasure Planet for me. Although not perfect, they were both attempts at epic science fantasy that would appeal to a wider and more mature audience, with beautiful visual design and intricate characters, and I sincerely feel a tinge regret when I think that from a corporate perspective they were failures and never to be repeated again. I really hope we’ll see something like them again in our lifetimes.


    I can see Hunchback being underrated, I only just watched it a year or so ago; a terrific film. The Rescuer’s Down Under is also underrated and one of my all time favorites, same with Meet The Robinson’s and Treasure Planet.


    The Love Bug. It was so successful when it came out in 1968, yet pretty much no one talks about it these days. It’s such a fun film.


    I always liked Atlantis and Treasure Planet. They would possibly succeed more if they were released now what with their more adventure leaning story line. Interestingly I found out that they were made at a particular studio with little watching by the bigger ones and supervisors who I understand were focusing on the next ‘era’ of Disney. Unforntunetly for us the big wigs closed the studio and most of the people there went to work for Pixar.

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    I agree with everyone who said ‘Hunchback of the Notre Dame”Atlantis’ and ‘Treasure Planet’ I heard that Treasure planet was supposed to be a three part movie but because of the ‘lack of interest’ of the first one they were cancelled. I will forever be sad about that.

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