How many of you have seen Frozen?

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    What’d you think?


    I loved Frozen to bits and pieces!
    It’s sad, but I really relate to Elsa.
    Also, I think it’s a great example of how well-meaning people can screw up big time.


    Yeah, I think there is a bit of both Anna and Elsa in many people. At least I feel like I can relate to them both at times.

    I loved the movie too.

    Kyra Lewis

    Well, it’s been a while since I saw it, but I really do like it. I don’t think it’s the absolute best disney film for anything, but the new direction Disney seems to be taking really appeals to me. I like that they made Elsa a complex protagonist (deuteragonist? not sure which), instead of just an ordinary villain, and played with the tropes they’re most associated with. The songs were really good too. 😀 I think it’s a pretty good sign for disney, that they’re coming back into the limelight. At least, I hope so!


    I loved Elsa!

    I felt like she was definitely Asexy!

    She kept herself all bottled up when she felt that others would judge her and the second she was alone she let herself be and feel beautiful.

    That relates to me because I used to dress as baggie and unappealing as possible to avoid attracting someone who was interested in my body. I didn’t know I was Asexual I just wasn’t interested and was tired of dealing with people trying to get in my pants.

    Now that I know that I am not alone and there is a name for how I feel I can wear what I want to wear.

    I know I’m attractive (I’m not humble at all :-P). I have big boobs, long beautiful hair, wide hips, a great smile, and amazing blue eyes. Now that I’m confident in my sexuality I can wear what I feel like wearing and say “fuck it but not you” to anyone who views that as an invitation. I wear what I wear to make myself feel beautiful and because I can appreciate looking and feeling GOOD.

    Elsa did that, she looked all stiff and “Icy” (I also love puns) when she was around people so they wouldn’t see her and automatically think they could approach. She wore her armor and kept everyone back. Once she was alone and didn’t have to worry about how everyone would see her she dropped her high-necked outfit and created something beautiful and revealing. Not as an invitation but because that was what SHE wanted to wear for HERSELF.

    She wasn’t trying to impress anyone, or thinking about what they would think. It was what made her feel good and I totally relate to that.

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