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    Hello 🙂

    I just opened this section, if some of you want to talk. Have a nice day !


    Well it’s too late to write this at here, I hope that you’ll answer. lol

    Pedro Frazao

    Good afternoon Cent and An.
    Not many talkers around but hopefully some decent conversations can emerge here.
    Some topics that interests me are music, movies, couple minutes daily playing video games on the phone…lolz!…etc etc
    What topics interest you guys?


    Hi guys! I’m here to join you! I’m also into music and movies. The last film I watched in the cinema was Toy Story 4. It was funny because I went with my older brother and sister so it was a group of adults sitting in a theatre with lots of children who didn’t even exist when the first film came out!😂

    I used to play games on my phone but I found I was always having to spend too many hours of my life playing them because I’m in a time-sensitive competition. Last month I realised that I was always stressed and not enjoying being pressured to play their games and I feel so much better for it! Well done, Pedro for not letting the games take over your life!

    I LOVE music! I went a day without music yesterday and I started to fall into depression. Luckily I’m used to spotting the signs so this morning I put on some music straight away and I could instantly feel my head tingling and I naturally started singing. It was almost like yesterday didn’t happen! So music is very important to me, especially as I’m alone in isolation. I have a keyboard but I usually don’t have the time. Things are still a bit busy for me because it’s that time in the UK where everyone is contacting people they haven’t spoken to for years so when things die down in about a week I plan to put more focus on that.

    I’ve talked loads! I’ll let everyone else have a chance to talk! 😋


    I’m 100% man All cuddles all the time even if you got De coronas.

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