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    do you have different boundaries for cuddling with different folks?
    for instance a sibling youre close with
    or a friend your physically comfortable with
    or a crush
    or a partner?


    Let’s say that i don’t cuddle random strangers or collegues. But friends, family, partner i’d all cuddle them. Of course the amount of love insde the cuddle differs from person to person. But i communicate better trough cuddles.


    I generally have no problem hugging family, but some days I keep them at arms length. I love hugs though as long as the person receiving one doesn’t think it should be followed up with sex


    I only hug friends and relatives, never once have I cuddled outside a relationship. To me, cuddles are sacred asf and shouldnt be freely given. lol I dont trust people very much, but when I do sometimes I’ll give them a random hug when they’re sad. In a relationship, I cant just start off with cuddles. Hell, I have to feel 100% comfortable for them to even sit on my bed while Im sitting on it.

    Dale L. Masters

    I’m big on giving hugs.

    They’ve been shown to increase oxytocin levels…& God knows I need all the oxytocin I can get.

    I tend to take people into my heart & make them family, so I have to be careful.

    As I’m a demisexual homoromantic & in a non sexual marriage for 15 years, I couldn’t be happier (except if Chris would take better care of her health! 😡😡😡)

    I’m one of the blessed ones. I pray that all of you find happiness and love, however you define those two terms.

    Skype me if you need to talk. Just join the Skype group on here. We can set up our private chat, so you can share what you need to.

    Jason Tillman

    With friends it’s a quick hug.
    With parents it can be longer.
    With someone I fancy it can be a very long and intimate hug.

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