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    Ok, that was just to get your attention.

    So here I am, a lowly newbie, and I find a Californian Aces group and I’m like YAY YES LET’S DO THIS

    And I join because THERE ARE 58 OF US?! and jump into the forum and…
    there are like no posts.

    COME ON. We should be talking about things only So Cal Aces can talk about! The weird weather! The lack of night clubs! The lack of night club attendants who know what Asexuality is! Experiences with those attendants!

    Here, I’ll start, with STORYTIME BOYS AND GIRLS:

    There’s this event called Wasteland Weekend in California City every fall. It’s a post-apocalyptic smorgasbord of dancing, alcohol, dancing, people, free booze, entertainment, et cetera. There’s a lot of promiscuity, too (think Burning Man) so it can get a bit uncomfortable…but the first year I went, I visited the casino (based on Fallout), where you can trade stories/jokes/interesting shit with the bartender in exchange for caps (with which to gamble) or booze (that year, unfortunately spiked with Everclear), and having tried all my jokes on the bartender to no laughter, I decided to pull the Ace out of my sleeve (THAT JOKE IS TOTALLY INTENTIONAL WHY AREN’T YOU LAUGHING). I say, “Well, here’s something that will blow your mind. I’m asexual.”

    Everyone at the bar stops talking. “What?” she asks me. I say it again, louder, because when I’m drunk I’m not ashamed of myself or my volume. “What does that mean?” She asks me.

    And I explain. And instead of just getting chips or a drink, I get an hour-long animated discussion with everyone at the bar about Asexuality. It was one of the most enlightening discussions I had had on the subject to date.

    And at the end of the conversation, the guy sitting at the end of the bar tells me, “I think that describes me perfectly. I think that explains…a lot…about me.” I let him know about AVEN.

    FAST FORWARD 2 YEARS. I return to WW.

    His Wasteland name is now Ace. He works at the casino. He identifies as an aromantic asexual. After he left WW, he did research.

    So that’s my little story. Anybody got any others?

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