Too rational for lust?

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    I’ve had a very low sex drive ever since getting into something called MGTOW. All of my desire for women has become extremely muted. I thought I was a sapiosexual (sexually attracted to intelligence) for awhile, but that’s not the case. I just don’t ever want to have sex. I think it’s because I look at it through the lens of biochemistry (love as purely chemical) and statistics – cold, hard numbers. I enjoy people watching, though.

    I feel hated. And people have the right to hate me (

      so long as they aren’t violent

    towards me – their emotions are their own and valid… even if they’re directed at me), but, as a consequence, I also have the right not to love people. I don’t actually mind feeling hated for my views (whether it’s founded, or whether it’s an over generalization on my part, or skepticism, or whatever it is). I just want to be free to find my own happiness, that’s all.

    I don’t wish ill on anyone, but I’m labeled a misogynist for not liking women (romantically).

    Have you ever been hated or misunderstood for practicing asexuality (even by other asexuals)?

    Maybe it’s because I’ve never been in an asexual safe-space before, but I feel like I have to repeat that: I don’t hate women. I just don’t like them romantically. The same goes for men.

    It’s a bit awkward being the first person to post in this forum. Please fill this space with your view (if you want to, that is).


    ASs long as you are not hard or violent, you should not be hated because of your choice. Still if somebody hates you, kick them out of your lives or give them some time if you think they would come back upon realizing.


    I always thought I was just being a “good Christian” but it was annoying that it took well over a year of close friendship before I could even begin to be attracted to someone sexually. Then I only was attracted to that one person and other men were still EEEEEEEEW!

    I’ve only realized in the past couple of years that I’m a gender fluid partial transmale. When I went to androgyne and trans forums I found that types of asexualality is common with them.
    My theory is that mixed genders cancel out each others’ attraction for the opposite genders.


    very much a-sexual is my feeling. your choice is fine. however I am very much hoping an A-sexual women finds me attractive someday, but there is no hate there. I do find that quite strange. but each to their own 🙂

    Elizabeth Sharp

    The four loves by C.S. Lewis might help understand and clarify lust vs. Logic. It doesn’t have to be either/ or … I am extrememly romantic and loveable and giving unfortuenately wedo live in a society that is either/or. I don’t like that. Can’t we all just love and appreciate each other for who we are regardless of sex? UM NO! what gets me is this intense oversexed culture we live in, its so screwed up… right next door horrible things are happening to children. America is the 3rd largest sex/slave trafficing country in the world. And no one is blinking an eye? A little girl will never know what love is like. The tender touch of a hand. WOW. If that doesn’t move you, I am embarrassed, sick. And then there is the extreme pop of ppl (us) who could care less about sex. And “we” are abnormal? I’ll tell you what is abnormal. Sex crimes. Lives that are being torn apart for another persons sick fantasies and addictions. I vent. Sorry. I am glad that there is a haven here. I am glad that perhaps we can find a medium/balance. Hope for a better future. Love is kind, love is not drama/pain, love is gentle. Sex complicates relationships (I am celibate) and ppl use it against each other, but it is only a tool “intimacy.” And that intimacy can be used against anyone in this room as long as you are a human and experience intimacy in relationships. Touch is only 1 of the 5 human love languages.

    Elizabeth Sharp

    Thats a new idea/concept to me. What do you mean by that? Can you explain it?


    ” The tender touch of a hand.” ” Love is kind, love is not drama/pain, love is gentle. Sex complicates relationships.” Elizabeth speaks wisdom. Thank you. Although I am nearly three years late to this group and forum, I resonate fully.

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