How do you feel about the amount of shipping in the SPN fandom?

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    Heather Lamb

    So, I know that I can get somewhat flustered by shipping in general, so this might just be me, but I feel like I can’t suggest that Destiel might be queerplatonic at the risk of being called a heathen or something? So this is just kinda a place to share your thoughts and own responses to the shipping aspect of this particular fandom


    I say there’s shipping in everything and I let most of it go over my head… but the whole “Wincest” thing makes me gag… I mean, seriously… there’s some things that even fan fiction should not touch…


    I find the shipping in Supernatural funny. Personally I ship people together on how they interact on the show itself, that just me. I love witnessing the shipping wars that happen on Tumblr everytime a new episode airs. It’s just entertainment for me. I love how the pairings bring out people’s creativity and you get a well of new fics to read, and new art to interpret.


    I see nothing wrong with the shipping until people start crossing it over from the fantasy and storytelling of the SPN characters into the actual lives of the actors/actresses. That’s kind if crossing the line to me. Destiel is a cute shipping idea. Misha/Jenson shipping kind of crosses into the creepy for me. These are real people with families and stuff. It feels wrong to me, but it’s merely a personal opinion, so I tend no to interject too much.

    However, I don’t ship Destiel. Let’s face it, Cas’s “older brothers” (the other angels) have used, manipulated, and tortured him beyond belief. If he’s so close to the Winchester brothers in anyway, it’s because they treat him like a person with thoughts and feelings as opposed to the other angels who are supposed to look out for him. It’s no wonder he and Dean are so close to begin with!
    The only thing I might have even remotely considered shipping was Charlie in an AU where Jo survived and lost her memory.


    I enjoy shipping in the community, though I really dislike shipping wars. I personally ship Destiel, and I headcanon Castiel as asexual (even despite 9×03). I also ship Sabriel, Sam x Jess, and mildly ship Adamandriel – originally shipped it ironically but it’s kind of grown on me.

    But I can respect any ships that anyone has as long as they aren’t being forced onto the cast/crew/people involved – and on other fans too, for that matter. Just like paintings in museums, television shows are a form of artwork and they are open for personal interpretation and enjoyment. There is no reason for anyone to invalidate something that makes someone else happy as long as it’s not hurting anyone. That’s my take on it, anyways 🙂


    I don’t ship much, and when I do it’s usually canon. I still wonder what would have happened if Dean had not told Cas to wipe Lisa and Ben’s memories. I felt that Lisa was good for Dean.

    I like to think that Cas is asexual too.


    Yes! Cas is the perfect introverted asexual. 🙂 I often think that I appear to be Cas to the outside world.


    I like the shipping because of the creative stories and art that comes from it. Except Wincest, I know it exists and to each their own (I’m the last person who would point the finger at someone for being unnatural) but I CAN NOT read it…

    Destiel is another story but I tend to view them as a platonic kind of brotherly-love, I do adore anything that has chibi Dean and Castiel in it because they tend to be G rated.

    My big thing is what everyone seems to feel, as long as it doesn’t cross over to the real people ACTING like the characters and sticks with the characters I don’t mind it.

    Asexual Castiel all the way 😀


    I personally do ship destiel. I am a shipper–fangirl it’s my favorite pass time to read fanfictions because it fulfills a need to see my pairings together. Love destiel and Dean is one of my favorite characters. However, as much as I like shipping it really bothers me when people ship the actors. That’s going to far because they are trying to mess with a real persons life not just a figment of imagination.


    What irritates me the most about ships is how it’s limited to sex and romance. For God’s sake there’s other kinds of ships to be explored. There’s that dysfunctional family dynamic with all the Angels. There’s Gabriel’s dynamic with the Pagans. Then there’s Bobby who is like an uncle/father figure to Sam and Dean. I definitely wonder about Death and Dean’s relationship because there was a reason Death had Dean be him for a day.

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