Why aren't there many Indians (especially girls) posting anythig out here?

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    Are they worried about their identity. A post respone to someone’s post does not reveal our identity, right?


    I don’t think it’s very acceptable to be asexual in Indian culture. I’m not Indian, but having grown up with Indians, I kind of understand it myself. Compared with European (particularly western and middle) countries, where they are alot more open to diversity in lifestyle, it’s really no surprise you aren’t seeing many (from Indian). You might find some with different nationalities though (US, Great Britain, Austrailian).

    And, all I can see about your identity is what you see when you click on your profile. (Aside from things that are marked with visibility ‘only me’)


    Well I do agree with you completely.

    Discretion is highly preferred here. So also with me as a few details about me are private. But then my point is saying a HI or responding to a Hi does not mean we are coming out in public and revealing ourselves. Unless we chat and know about each other and at least chat for a while, how are we supposed to know about the prospects in here.

    How do we know what type of people and what type of variations prevail in our society apart from what we read in internet forums. If they are not comfortable with the person they could as well stop further discussions happily.

    It is a simple thing that I dont understand why it does not occur to a common man.

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