how do you bring asexuality into your art?

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    curious what people different mediums are and if/how you feel like your aceness shows up in your art.


    Not sure that any of my art shows anything based on asexuality. None of my art has ever been nude art though.

    I like to do nature art, but none of them are comparable to Georgia O’Keefe’s vagina flowers. I don’t have anything like that in mind, just the want to paint or draw something of good quality. I keep trying to think of ideas that would really be something of epic viewing but nothing overly abstract.


    I know this may sound funny but I’ve never thought of devoting time to a piece expressing my sexuality. It is a great idea though, I may get back with you on that…Ive noticed most overtly asexual art is comic book-based. There’s quite a few ace comics that I LOVE like ‘Sister Claire’, ‘Girls With Slingshots’ and ‘Sharp Zero’…you should definitely check them out if you haven’t already. As far as mediums go, I generally work with neon acrylics, charcoal and oil pastels. I like to go the cheaper route and often settle for sharpies, colored pencils and neon black light markers whenever I get the chance. (Most people think that the finished product is from paint which half the time its sharpies and washable markers. Lol)

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    Many of my artist friends think that libido is involved in the work of artist, bringing expression and fire into it. And I’m a little worried if my texts are, don’t know how to put it, refined, sterile because of my asexuality. I’ve recieved once the comment that my characters are a bit cold and seem to be sexless (there is no difference in behavior of guys and girls, guys are not masculine, girls are not feminine and everyone thinks too much). :)) It was quite shrewd.
    I think I’ll write a story about asexuality in this world and see what happens.


    Wah, this question got me thinking! I don’t know if any of these counts as specifically asexual, but … I guess to me it is: I never draw couples, nor anything related or suggested sexual activity like nudity. In fact I like to draw females without breasts, that might be cause I have small tits and I enjoying going against the flow with them haha. But most of all I think my drawings are overflowing with my asexual experience of standing alone, externally strong, internally maybe hurt, perhaps lonely, stuck in an ever-going battle.

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