anyone got any hilarious client from hell stories?

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    Don’t name names, and keep them as anonymous as possible. You never know if they’ll find you. 😉 Gotta be profesh.

    But hey, it’s fun to share war stories.

    All of mine are… really long and I don’t feel like typing them out so I’ll just wait to hear from you guys 😀 <3 Maybe next time when I’m less tired.


    no one’s added a story so I’ll start with one I got recently:

    I added some files to dropbox for a client. Client was rude and standoff-ish at the end and they deleted our shared folders in dropbox. I figured that was then end of that story. Recently I got an e-mail saying they didn’t see the files in the dropbox folder. I was not in a good mood considering how they treated me at the end of the contract previously, but still I sent the files which I attached directly to the e-mail and made a new drop box folder in which I placed the files as well, along with a screen cap of the e-mail I got from dropbox when they deleted our shared folder. I got another e-mail from dropbox saying the client had deleted the shared folder which was later followed by an e-mail from the client asking why the files weren’t in drop box and could I please send them.

    I… I just…

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