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Anxiety and asexuality

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    Hi everyone,
    I’m new of this website and I’m trying to find my foot, so to speak!
    Do you think that being asexual could be one of the cause of anxiety.
    I’m in the mid-thirties and these last years have been a period of self-discovering for me, and this caused me anxiety and depression, I’m starting to understanding that one of the causes is that being myself asexual, I don’t conform to what is considered “normal” by the society and therefore I felt pressured by the society. In a way is similar to what my gay friend feels, he’s in a happy relationship but he’s very much closeted and he suffers because of it, because he can’t be honest.
    Do you feel the same? Are you closeted and therefore feel yourself trapped in a mask that doesn’t belong to you?


    I think it’s the same for me. I am naturally a very anxious person, it runs in my family, but I’m currently in my early 30s and seeing everyone else my age be in relationships and planning to have kids really makes me feel abnormal and like I’m falling behind.

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