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    I’m looking for something new to watch and don’t know where to start. Recommend your favorites, and maybe find something new to watch yourself!


    hey Liz !

    i’d recommend attack on titan ! its new …. sooo maybe u haunt watched it yet


    hey Liz !

    i’d recommend attack on titan ! its new …. sooo maybe u haven’t watched it yet


    I hadn’t yet! I’ve heard it’s really gory, so I’ve kind of been avoiding it, but I might have to check it out now. We’ll see.


    If you like funny cutesy anime, I highly recommend Nichijou or Azumanga Daioh. What have you watched already Liz?


    Tokyo Ghoul is one I like, but it’s rather bloody as well so if you’re not into that, ya know.


    hmm Saiunkoku Monogatari is what I would call historical shoujo action. check myanimelist for the rundown. Ghost Hunt is a supernatural horror but it isn’t disgusting…its more like paranormal investigation.


    I remember Claymore was pretty enjoyable. Although, it has that overdone formula of the protagonists being half human monster hybrids hired out to kick monster ass. … It’s dark fantasy.

    Here’s the first 10 minutes of the first episode:

    Claymore E1 P1 (Eng subs)

    There’s english dubbed episodes too if you prefer that.


    I’d recommend the series ‘7 Samurai’ and ‘Daphne in the Brilliant Blue’. I enjoyed both of them quite a bit.

    Kyra Lewis

    Since nobody’s said it yet– TRIGUN. Seriously, it’s a wonderful series. It has a lot of christian allegory so, just a warning (although I’m an atheist and I still greatly enjoy the series.) It mostly is about a pacifist in a violent society, and a character study, but it’s not without plot. It also has one of the most iconic characters in all of anime, so it’s definitely worth a watch! (Also, for extra fun: Find the black cat in every episode!)

    Anohana is a short anime but worth checking out too, along with Usagi drop. They’re simple, cute animes with some darker undertones that mostly focus on children.

    Oh yeah! And Madoka Magica! I’d include it with the two above but… yeah… you’ll see why I don’t if you watch it.

    Other stuff I like that’s a bit more obscure (good luck finding it but it DOES exist!) Kurau Phantom Memory, Haibane Renmei (more of a slow indie type thing), Scrapped Princess, and Please Teacher.

    I hope you like any of these. 😀


    Azumanga Daioh !!! I used to watch that a while back, but I still remember the song!

    Oh, Attack on Titan and Sword Art online for anyone that loves adventure type anime. Very memorable shows that I think will gear for the future of anime making as an industry!


    I’d suggest Log Horizon! It takes a really interesting take on people being trapped in a MMO. While SAO leans more toward the fighting and battle, Log Horizon shows the bigger picture of the politics and every day life with how everyone will survive. It has some good action in it and very likable characters.

    Psycho Pass is another really good one. It is also all on netflix!

    Ginga Dentsu Weed is a few years older but still really good. If you enjoyed the anime Wolf’s Rain, also should watch that if you haven’t. then you’d like this one. ^-^


    “Lu La Lu La piano wa sekai no!” do do do… do do do “Moonlight sl-ee~-ee~-ping!” … do do do “tea for you!” Hahaha. Oh no. What about Chiyo-chan’s cooking song? Ahaha. Can’t deal! Too catchy –to the point where, I’d always sing it while I baked.


    Yu-Gi-Oh (Duel Monsters) is my favorite! 🙂


    If you like the whole ninja, action sort of deal (something that’s fast-paced and really easy to get through) I would recommend Nabari No Ou. It’s one of the first anime’s I’ve watched the whole way through (it’s like Naurto without all the elongated action sequences, all squeezed into 26 episodes). It’s really great!
    There’s another one that takes place in 1920’s gangster U.S. that follows a bunch of stories revolving around an immortal elixir given to a bunch of different people by accident throughout the whole series. It’s so different and refreshing, it’s really a treat. Baccanno! is definitely one to watch!
    That’s what I recommend! And, if you have extra time on your hands, check out Psycho Pass and Ghost Hunt. Happy watching!


    What sort of anime do you tend to enjoy? After all, anime genres can vary pretty widely.

    I’ll second the recommendation for Baccano!, though if gore bothers you be warned that there is some (it’s not as gorey as, say, Attack on Titan, but there’s a fair bit; I’m generally bothered by gore and managed to make my way through it, however, so take that as you will).

    From my own list… hmm, Ouran High School Host Club, definitely, if you haven’t seen it and like fun comedies; Princess Tutu (which sounds ridiculous, but is actually quite good, especially when you get into the second half); Steins;Gate, if you’re interested in a neat take on time travel and don’t mind a slower first half; and Mushishi, which is a bit strange and slow but in the best way. Cowboy Bebop is also a classic, though I have to say it didn’t quite click with me as well as it has with other people; still, give it a go if you’ve never seen it.


    You should try Mononoke! The background animation is really colorful and trippy. It’s about a medicine man who travels the world banishing spirits. It’s a really short series so it would only take about a day to get through the entire thing.

    If you like surreal manga then you should try anything by Junji Ito. Uzumaki is my favorite with Tomie following close behind. All of his manga has a strange atmosphere to them.

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