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    Tal Spek

    Hey guys! No point in having a useless group – let us converse!

    So, what is your anarchy? What sort of relationship do you like, what is special about your defiance of the norm?

    I, for example, do not mind about a partner “cheating”, as long as they are open and honest about it. I am not into sex, and if they fulfil that need without me, let them! That is, as long as they still do love me, and not the other person, and as long as this is not an under-the-carpet thing, a lie. Of course, cheating is not an option for me, as it is not something I want, but that is beside the point.

    I think it is basically an “open relationship”, isn’t it?

    So, what about you?

    Mesh (Meeesh)

    Mine is the same as yours, but I also would not mind sharing my home in a family setting. Several people that get along and support each other through all endeavors.

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