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    Hi! I’m 62, grew up in the West Indies with American parents, have lived in Iowa, Colorado, CA, IN, OH, Georgia, New Jersey, and the longest in Kentucky. I’ve taught a semester in MX, and been teaching in Thailand the past 4 years.
    I just now found out what a gray ace is. I’m one, and a demisexual as well. I would love to meet others.

    I came to Thailand to do extreme bird photography, love ballroom/jitterbug dance, training horses and mules, hiking, swimming, jamming with other musicians, writing art, building things, designing clothes, travel, etc.


    Hi. It doesn’t look like this group is active, but I’ll introduce myself nonetheless and maybe it will kickstart some conversation. I think I’ve friended some of you. I turned the big 6-0 on January 11 but I’m in heavy denial. I’m not in denial about being an ace but I am very heavily closeted. I identify as romantic hetero-asexual. As I’m sure you all know, life as an asexual is extraordinarily frustrating in trying to find an ace soulmate, especially one who lives nearby. Actually, I did find my soulmate. We met here on Aseualitic. She was Guatemalan, was half my age, and she unexpectedly died July 4, 2015 from illness. I’m still not fully recovered emotionally. I have had several relationships but not with aces, and my experience has been a lonely one. Now I feel that it’s getting too late.

    In answering the questions above, I am originally from the Twin Cities (good ol’ St. Paul/big time Minneapolis (as a radio disc jockey there would say).I’ve been living in Silver Spring, MD (DC metro area) since late 1999. I work as a cataloger (abstractor/indexer) for a public educational database. Trump and DeVos had better not mess with the U.S. Department of Education or I’m cooked. I am not employed by them, but by a private government contractor who manages the database for them.

    To learn more about my background and interests, please see my profile.


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    Lori C

    I’m 50 and live in Western New York. Spend most of my spare time gardening, reading, knitting, playing some video games, and watching movies. I loathe TV, but will occasionally binge-watch a program.

    I also do a lot of thrift store shopping – very low income – and travel mostly by car.

    Dan –
    Sorry to hear about your loss.


    Hi I’m Walt, I am I think panromantic. I am a native Oregonian for 58 years. I love being in the tall timber but I’ve found it more pleasant with the cooler temperatures on the coast. I spent most of my life in the foothills of Mt Hood though I liked the wide open sky of central Oregon too.
    I am medically retired and like to fish on the local lakes. I am enjoying living in a small coastal town now. I like parking by the jetty watching the surf and boats going in and out of the bay. No matter what it’s all about relaxing.
    I’d like to find a best friend to share life’s moments with. View my profile, email me at
    [email protected] I’m Walt. 🙂

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