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    forums are too quiet here. what are your passions? not your majors, though they can be similar. even if it’s not your field of study, what is the thing that you want or wish to do for the rest of your life and why that?


    I love animal behavior. Watching the way they interact with their environment, each other, and how they problem solve, has always been a fascination of mine.

    Ethology (the study of animal behavior) isn’t my field of study, but Wildlife Science is in the ballpark, I think. 🙂


    One of my passions is the cinema and the areas that compose this, like the conception and the construction of the different aspects in a film. And I’m working and studying in the audiovisual production field.

    I love this principally because of the many possibilities that a film production offers when it is composed by differents fields that transform a idea in a work of art.


    I have a really deep passion for learning about mental health, which I guess does lean into my major. I also really love foreign films. They’re kind of like my candy on Halloween, so to speak. So I’m drinking up Netflix to keep my love alive.

    Alyce Horton

    Reading! I have to read or I will go crazy. Right now I am into classical works and etiquette. My go-to books are Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park, and Thomas More’s Utopia.
    I also collect books. I must have at least thirty. I brought all my books to college with me, and I am in desperate need of a book shelf.
    I love getting lost in a book and have been late to class as a result of getting caught up in a book.


    I feel like I’m passionate about everything and it makes settling on one area of study very hard. I focus a lot of my energy toward things that make people feel connected, whether through their education, art, music, film, nature, literature, or their own writing. I love things that show a person more about themselves while also revealing the world around them.


    Reading and learning languages are my two big ones. Thankfully I can major in one of those (the languages bit). I don’t have nearly enough time to read though. I read a lot for school, especially for my second major in International Studies (think political science plus languages), but reading about how the Liberal paradigm effects global policy is not the same as reading something I actually want to read.


    i take up BS Computer Science in which i’ve been hopeful to have my own internet cafe/gaming station in the future. though i’m quite terrified by the fact that technology grow so fast by year, or even by day ’cause of innovations… i’m getting a feeling that just within three more years before i graduate, there will be a time gradually no one will appreciate internet cafe anymore; heck, even gaming station cafe. that’s been my only life long dream and goal.

    i sorta have a half-baked passion or just plain hobbies studying psychology, philosophy, Japanese language and 2/3 possibly for anime-realism traditional sketch/digital art since i also aim to improve my drawing.

    though i certainly believe Computer Science is the only course i’m good and bad at the same time. the rest of the course are i’m bad at. at least i’m still “good” enough for Computer Science to enjoy learning it.


    My passion, sad as it may sound, is customer service and fair treatment for employees. I hate businesses where the employees act like it is an inconvenience to help customers, and I hate when management treats employees like puppets where they try to dictate every move and treat employees like they don’t have feelings. I am in Business Administration just for that reason. My dream job would be either a customer service trainer that businesses hire to motivate employees, or a consultant that businesses hire to analyze the efficiency of the business and provide feedback on areas that need improvement. i don’t know how much of a demand either if those jobs have, so I would settle for a management position where I can make a difference for employees ans customers to improve morale and customer satisfaction


    My passion is to work in a library as a librarian. I have enjoyed my experiences of working in them and I enjoy reading books, and I’m able to help people find them. It sounds really nice to me.

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