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    Ok.. I’ve been back and forth with this idea but what the heck. 😉

    The title says it all! This is pretty much just for fun, don’t flip out if someone gives you an unexpected opinion. I’d say try to be nice (ehhmm, certain people who sometimes have a little too much to say), but come on… “Three put ups for one put down” 😀 Let’s keep it decent also, considering this is an ace community though I really wouldn’t expect that to be an issue…

    Wondering what to say? General impressions, feelings, like to know mores, funnies, creepies.. Like I said, this is just for fun. 🙂

    So… let’s see if this thread gets any use. xD


    Looks like Yura is my victim.

    Just based off the profile pic, I can tell that Yura is a big anime fan, which was later supported in her about me section. It’s hard to give an impression that she doesn’t expressly tell us but if I’d have to put it in stereotypes I’d have to say Yura is a fun-loving nerd (all my best friends are nerds btw, so it’s a compliment) with a strong moral compass who also loves the outdoors.


    My profile pic happens to be me and my husbando frolicking happily through the school gates… so happy. D’:

    Your turn haha 😛 …whenever I can get back on.. 😉


    Did you draw it?


    Oh no… it’s a still from Clannad: After Story. (That’s Misae and Shima. For the record though, I am similar in many ways to Misae 🙂 ) I don’t do alot of digital painting. Partially I just can’t seem to get my tablet settings to a place where it’s comfortable, it takes me a really long time. My favorite medium is pastel, though I haven’t done any pieces in a long while. Also, I’d never draw him. He’s just too perfect, my fingers could never capture his essence!! *_* 😀



    Disclaimer: Everything I say has no bearing with who Aux really is as a person, and everyone should get to know a person beyond their profiles. And I have a very overactive imagination. 🙂

    Now that that’s out of the way.. 😉

    My general impression was that you’re a boss who doesn’t take silly business. Who mistreats her poor little dog, and has a very dry sarcastic sense of humor… when humor is allowed. 😀

    I don’t know, maybe it was the fact that you mentioned you coached softball (combined with the martial arts) and all the coaches I’ve ever known were in the armed forces. :/ Or maybe the point about suffering fools.. I just get the feeling that you could easily hurt me if you wanted to. xD

    I feel like if I ever crossed you on the street and accidentally ran into you or something, you’d death glare me straight in the eyes. @[email protected]

    …a side impression is that you’re a person that enjoys (and consumes alot of) warm stimulating beverages.. (coffee, tea, mocha, chai)

    And… I think you like to wear cotton. Alot. xD

    That about does it! You come across artistic, and your art from what I’ve seen looks really great. 🙂

    …now please don’t impale me with your horns.. xD (reference to her previous profile pic, anyone who doesn’t get it.)


    Haha I will announce that I am not an animal abuser, I repeat, I am not an animal abuser lol. But I am guilty of rough housing with the little beastie, so I cant really argue against it!




    Artistic stoned out chick…. just going by the avatar pic.


    I would say Shaun is a out door type of person going on your profile pic and that he wants to walk across the usa( u guess you have a death wish for your feet!)
    im guessing that sarcasm is your favourite type of humor.
    But over all you seem like genuine person who does not take life to siriously.

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