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    Hi All, and welcome to GreenACE. 🙂

    It is so good to see so many members already, and I hope the trend continues and we get more members on board.

    As the description of the group suggests this is a group focused on creating a positive change in the world. It is about sharing what you’re passionate about and what you try to do to help where you can, it is also about sharing knowledge and making connections with those who share similar passions.

    What can you do to become more pro-active in sustainable living?
    How do you ‘make your actions count’? What do you do to make a difference?
    What can you do to promote a shift from consumerism to a more conscious and active engagement in the community, either locally in your street, or more widely in your City, State or Country?

    Please keep things positive. Please don’t post up inflammatory propaganda or links to the same. Please no slandering…

    But please feel free to start chats up, ask questions, or share your knowledge, or links to other resources.


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