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    I work with mostly women, and they are always talking about sexual things. I pretend as best I can, because to be known as a 50-year-old virgin would be too embarrassing. However, I suspect that there is something about a virgin that is apparent to other people. One of my co-workers even asked if I had ever had sex. I just stared at her.


    Its tough isn’t it? Im only twenty and I already feel an enormous pressure to quote “lose it.” When I was younger I also joked that I needed to “get laid” to help hide the discomfort I felt for being a virgin and having no desire to have sex with someone. Hell I’ve had crushes where they tell all about their sex life hoping to get me jealous but honestly I’m happy they can get sex from somewhere without me yet they won’t go out with me because they want me sexually and I don’t.
    Now in college I’m glad to know my friends are semi supportive they still cant grasp the concept of love without sex but they don’t pressure me to have it. Im so glad to have found others like me! don’t worry you now have a whole community that understand and accepts you!

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