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    I think about this idea: to became asexual “prostitute” and make some money from cuddling with lonely people. There´s a woman in USA who does this and she´s quite fine thanks to it. I can´t have any normal job and if I were sexual, I would probably already ended up as a whore.
    I´m afraid of all sexual men, so I don´t know how to cope with physical contact with total strangers. I wouldn´t go anywhere private with them, only public places. And of course, no nudity or anything too sexual could be involved at public places like parks, so I would be safe and quite inside of my comfort zone. But I´m still afraid of very disgusting, dirty types coming to cuddle with me. Can I refuse any contact with someone who is totally inacceptable for me? Do normal prostitutes refuse some customers too? And how to explain it?
    And the last thing: how would you react if your asexual partner was cuddleslut? If cuddling is for asexuals on the same level like sex for sexuals, would you mind to be in a relationship with a cuddleslut, or would you want her to quit this “job”?

    Dan Blazewater

    Cuddleslut is probably the best word I’ve heard this year.


    Ok, now I have quite a bit to say on this!

    First off, I’ll just openly admit that I’ve looked to hire a cuddle girl before (would never bother with a guy) but they are so darn expensive!! ($80 an hour) There aren’t any in my area so maybe gas expense had some part to do with it.. But, the point was I was pretty stressed out that day and had given myself a headache; I just needed someone so I could put my head on their lap, and relax. I think most people would just take a pill or something, but I knew just half an hour spent in the comfort of another person would make me feel much better. The thing is, I can’t ask just anyone for this. I have a few friends that probably wouldn’t mind but the closest is an hour away. The only other available person would be my mother, but she’d find it weird and think something had happened to me – plus, she was busy. So.. in the end, I’ve never had the experience but might’ve if they were more available and affordable.

    I feel like the fact that this is a concept in this day and age says something about the unnatural void of connection that is prevalent. While prostitution is labeled as the world’s oldest profession, I can’t say there were never platonic cuddle partners for hire; but I’ve never heard of it, and from the discussions around it, it doesn’t seem to have been a thing as we as Americans remember.

    Here in the US cuddle agencies are springing up online. There are also groups that host ‘cuddle parties’ (which I honestly am tempted to attend). Provided are snacks/refreshments, futons/blankets, and movies, ambient lights and space, all to facilitate a comfortable cuddling atmostphere. In Japan there’s a concept called a host club, where people come to relax, drink, socialize with hired men or women. They now have this kind of idea for cuddling specifically (known as cuddle cafes) where a person usually pays a certain amount of money for a cuddle service. There’s a reddit for requesting partners in your area to cuddle, as well as an app (Cuddlr) that seems more popular in the UK, for mutual free cuddling.
    And this is all I know of, there may be many more worldwide.

    So, getting on to your situation – I don’t know what the market for it is like in CR, but you might do well enough here. I think you doing this by yourself would be a very big risk though (if you were planning on having male clients). Fro what I’ve heard, the cuddling business isn’t as easy as it seems up front. A lot of male clients will pressure a female into going further, or starting a personal relationship with them. The fact that you won’t know who you’re dealing with ahead of time makes things much more dangerous. Even if you’re in a public place, it wouldn’t be hard for an unsavory customer to follow you to a more dangerous place. From what I have heard of prostitution, refusing customers/protecting prostitutes is what a pimp is for. Perhaps that is outdated these days, but I don’t think most prostitutes refuse customers..

    Ok, now if I had a partner who was also asexual… I wouldn’t like it. For the same reason I wouldn’t cuddle with a guy, or even a woman if things started feeling too intimate. I’m a very loyal person, but you might wonder where that loyalty really comes from. For me, in a relationship, it comes from having chosen to accept another person sharing a part of me. They have a place within me that is for themselves. And this developed because I came to know them, in a way I do not know others. However, when you put yourself in a situation where there is a heightened sense of intimacy, it may become more genuine – and that place where your loyalty lies may be contested. So yeah, I’d want them to quit. 😉


    It bewildered me to find out that cuddling for money is a thing. It takes some time to warp my head around, but the bit about this post that disturbs me is that you think you can’t have a “normal job” and that you’d end up a prostitute if you were a sexual. Why is that?

    To answer your question: I wouldn’t like the idea of my partner doing this for a living. Actually, I think I’d have a hard time being attracted to someone who would do this for money. But if they did it for free, suddenly it seems like a noble cause. I guess I consider the exchange of money as tainting it.


    Yeah, I wrapped my head around the idea long ago haha. xD

    And I understand what you mean, I don’t think I’d ever be attracted to a cuddler for hire either.. I’d say they can find other ways to benefit humanity, but I agree – if it was for free I’d feel better about it. I should mention that I personally wouldn’t mind being with someone that didn’t work for pay (for example, if they were an artist or something). As long as they weren’t demanding, I’d happily work to support both of us. That said, I’d never be with a demanding person in the first place, it really puts me off! Finally though, even if they did it for a noble cause, I still wouldn’t them to be like a normal cuddle-person. Those people are usually on demand, and I wouldn’t want my partner being called away at any hour of the day to go cuddle with someone else…

    -is mildly possessive- (insert shrugging emoticon here) 😉


    I can´t have normal job because I can´t. I don´t have X years of experiences and prestige schools, so noone will give me a chance. I´ve tried to find a job for about 8 years and the only jobs where they wanted me were so horrible (working 12 or 13 hours almost without food, in any weather…) that I ended up with seriously damaged health. I was given the job because noone else was willing to do it. I was also bullied and sexually harassed and stuff. I don´t want to work for any fucking boss ever again.
    I would like to earn enough money only from photography, graphics and drawing but that´s unbelievably hard aim to achieve. Cuddling for money seems like the best option what to do now. I´m not proud on it, I don´t feel very safe, but I don´t want to be a homeless. Many women in my country are prostitutes because they have no other option left.


    Omg. I totally agree males are way too expensive. Males prostitutes are like $200.

    Anyway to OP, I’m not sure why you’d be a cuddle slut if you had a partner. But speaking from experience as a dominatrix, the only people who would pay for sessions are old and creepy. For someone to pay for simple cuddling they would be extremely old, creepy, and desparate. Unless you’re okay with that then go for it. You could try but I’m sure you won’t find someone who wouldn’t end up wanting more. Unless you find desparate asexaul clients. We’re already minority so that’s even more unlikely.
    Of course you’re allowed to refuse people. But you don’t seem to be thinking of it like a career. Using demeaning terms and such. Cuddling doesn’t equal slut or prostitute or whore. It’s hardly a career. How much will you charge, and how many clients will you have annually? Prostitutes hardly make ends meet and a professional cuddler will make not 1/4 of that.


    Here are some articles you might like to read:

    The first one talks about the fact that alot of work, including my own for the past year almost, is being done through the home. Does it contribute to loneliness a good amount? I believe it does. Also, it mentiones the fact that the majority of us are also highly connected, without physcially being so. We usually can’t actually see a person, smiling for example – or hear them laugh at our funnies, and it propagates a feeling of disconnect/absence. We thus seek more interaction, but it doesn’t fulfill what we need, and the spiral continues. Hence professional cuddling being a thing and that, I feel, will only become more popular.

    Have you asked any fellow czechs what they think of the idea though? I have no guess as to if it’d be popular there..


    I’ve thought about paying somebody just for a hug and I’m not exactly some old creepy guy.
    I’m willing to bet there’s a very large market for this.


    This has made my day… Thank you


    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just go to some kind of cuddle club without seeming extremely desperate? It seems like such a fun and cute way to meet new people! It would be great for people who have non-cuddly friends. I hug all my friends and cuddle with most of the female ones, but not everyone has that much physical contact on a daily basis. It would probably be a good way to reduce depression too!


    if you want to do it this way or be your own boss then handle your business jst read on It for ideas


    Yes. I’ve just signed up on The website is dismally vacant, for those of you that think this place is bad.. But, like Vivi mentioned, I have nowhere close to the amount of comforting physical contact that I’d like. I seriously got a hair cut today just to have someone play with my hair. It’s ridiculous.

    Lenka, if I’m ever in Czech Rep. (Which I might be close by this January..) I will pay you grandly if we can just sit together with my head on your lap. xD


    Body pillows or blankets work great in my opinion, but then again I never really get lonely. Its just comfortable is all.

    Carol Kewley

    I don’t see anything wrong with it..? Cuddle parties are springing up all over too.


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