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    The worst part I deal with right now is communication with a nice lady than them cutting it off. I’ll spend a few weeks chatting with someone than suddenly they dtop. I’m now holding up the conversations, and if it weren’t for me trying they wouldn’t message me. Its hard to find somebody who does what I do. I wake up every day do my morning routine thing than routinely find the time to message whomever is getting my attention. At least to simply say good morning. Or even later on the day of I’m on a break at work I’ll text a girl and say what’s up.

    It’s like a good back and forth conversation for a few weeks than they just stop even trying. I want somebody to think of me and shoot me a message and initiate a conversation. I’m getting so shitty in a mood feeling like it’s one sided with me trying so hard to keep up communication. I get it, just chatting can get old. I’m just saying after a few weeks when a lady stops hitting me up first Ill stop texting for like 2 days and don’t even get a text asking what’s up or how are you. Maybe I expect too much, idk. This is just a repeat thing that’s frequent with everyone.


    surely you’re expecting too much.
    all you’re doing is saying hello.
    as the saying goes
    you gotta kiss a lot of frogs to meet your princess.
    and ladies are usually put off big-time by needy guys.
    what are you going to be like as a partner ?


    Hah. Being too needy? Not wanting to initiate and carry each conversation is being too needy? With the exclusion of this website, I’m not on no casual social media website looking for friends…Even though I have made some specifically from here I’m not ranting about women from this website.

    Dating is a dance…you give a little…they give a little…you take some…give them some…communication is all we have to try and kick start something with. Some women aren’t even comfortable with video chat for a while. So how do these women, when pressed with questions of their intent with me, give me the answers I wanna hear than not bother to communicate off and on. You’re gonna get me agitated on this subject.

    Needy is synonymous with Greedy and hey, that even rhymes together. Being Self-centered is the most depreciating character defect to a relationship. Don’t even try to challenge the validity of my partnership.

    In reality. What am I complaining about? The few women who had pissed me off with this. Meanwhile I have been in contact with two women who have spot on communication as far as I’m concerned in the communication department.

    Did I just want to rant?…..i might have? D:

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    Much like other people, Just holding a conversion or doing something in 3 dimensions rather than just another anonymous hookup or whate=ver or just clear the air about turns people off.


    Yeah if they just switch to one word answers, I’ll give them a few messages to try and spark it back up, but I’m not wasting my time on somebody clearly uninterested.

    A relationship is people on both sides being excited and stimulating

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