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    Someone starts off by making a wish and then the person below said person would grant it, but an ironic twist of some sort.

    (Ex I wish for lots of people to play with me in this game!

    Granted, but your not able to comment in it.)

    Lol and so on



    Granted, but you suddenly feel the need to slap yourself silly every-time someone makes a post.

    I wish that anyone who plays this game sends me a kitten.. is that how this game works?

    I made a slight edit haha.


    Granted, but you became deathly allergic to cats.



    Well that certainly sucks.


    Lmao, that is kind of the whole point of the game. I wish for a cupcake.



    Granted, but the cupcake is made out of mud. Wha Ha ha ha ha ha.

    I wish for a toilet seat made out of gold.


    Granted, A company buys the rights to your restroom, but only their paying costumers can use it.



    It’s time for me to use my signature Butt-into-the-middle-of-a-post-and-feel-awkward-and-leave-immediately-afterwards move.

    I wish for a working T.V. emoticon helmet.


    Cynthia Irizarry

    Granted, but you’re stuck with local cable in there.

    I wish I wasn’t prone to feeling sleepy a majority of the time.



    Granted, but the rest of the time, you are catatonic and can not be woken until a magic word is spoken.

    I wish I had superpowers to be a superhero!



    Granted but your superpower is you can turn milk into water. Which is great for when those milk tankers crash and milk is all over the road and you can just turn it into water to clean the road.

    I wish I had a pair of shoes that were comfortable and lasted forever.



    Granted, but they’re clown shoes and look ridiculous.

    I wish i had a computer that wasn’t so slow!



    Granted but you get a moving popup advertisement every 10 seconds while you’re logged on to it.

    I wish I had a always had enough motivation to finish every drawing I started.



    Granted, but once you’ve just finished each drawing you realise all was made using an invisible ink pen.

    I wish I wasn’t so prone to getting fat.


    Rebecca Walton

    Granted, but you need to eat all the time as your metabolism is revved to super heights and you always look sickly skinny.

    I wish that when I put food in the fridge/pantry and the door is shut, it would freeze time inside so nothing went bad.


    Simon Pugh

    Granted, but it will take an astronomical amount of energy to run and your energy bills will be more than the cost to power a small town.

    I wish I could absorb the ability to speak a foreign language fluently after hearing a minute of conversation in said language.


    John P Schindler

    Granted, but on hearing one minute of conversation in a foreign tongue, you realize that you’ve overheard a murder-plot, and from your reaction the would-be murderers know you understood what they were trying to keep from everyone in ear-shot, you manage to narrowly escape but now you have to enroll in witness relocation.

    I wish I could travel in the blink of an eye.

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