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    It seems to me there is one ultimate question for most asexuals based on logic; will you give yourself over to personal decadence or to subservience?

    There are of course asexuals who have children but perhaps most wont.
    So by the logic of evolution we are cheating our gene.

    The only question left is what purpose does the asexual have then?

    Is it to serve only their own existence and personal pleasure, or to see the larger picture that they can add to the greater good through merit and ability?

    Its a struggle Im having now. I was never shy about turning to drink and drugs in my youth as a form of extreme escapism from a world that didnt relate much to me.
    What do asexuals who didnt overdose do now? Serve the collective?

    Is it the intrinsic role of the asexual to assist the human advance vicariously?


    Theres millions of ways one can be useful/meaningful without any relevance to sexuality. And ach person gives meaning in their own way. I dont really see why this is even a question.

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