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    A kind of sexuality that can make people laugh and ask you if your a single celled organism.

    For me, having that private lifestyle and not having much friends, I begin to question if i am gay or not as the reason for being too afraid to go out more often. Its that pesky anxiety that erodes my social experience, and ability to go home with somebody, or is it that i am gay? Asexual? Or do i just have a extremely dull personality that only gets more dull as these years pass by. All i know is, I will not waste any more years alone. I really cant keep missing out on all the amazing people in this world.


    Hi Keith, thank for sharing.

    I think it is great you are reflecting upon your life and deciding to take the cake by the icing. Ha!



    it can be interesting reflecting on my personal life, but its becoming a problem honestly since i dont know why i cant bring anyone home/hangout more often.


    I can relate to that anxiety of wondering if you are just repressing your homosexuality or if you are really ‘ace’. I worry about that often. However, Over time I continue to validate my identity more as asexual as I talk to more of us and realize how similar I am and by reminding myself that sexuality, sexual orientations and the labels we give ourselves are fluid. They need not be permanent. There may come a day where I am sexually attracted to another person and may be interested and open to sex. I may then choose to adjust my label of my sexual orientation, or just accept my feelings for that individual. So reminding myself that labels are not tattooed on me for the world to see, is very important. You can change your orientation as well if you feel the need. It doesn’t change what you experienced during that time. Let’s say next week, I meet s woman who I feel I’m sexually attracted to. That doesn’t negate my years as identifying as ACe. It just may cause my to alter my labels for the current relationship.
    Hope that helps some.


    Hi ariana, thank you for your response. It was a great response, i understand what your getting at. Repression has definitely happend at some point for me. It was really weird, but it was more of a attitude thing I guess as well. To have wanted physical companionship through my teen years and left empty because of my social weaknesses has really created a anger, and at this point i expect no one, and no real opportunity to ever have a on-going relationship. Its just how my brain functions. Maybe someday, but someday was what i thought 10 years ago when I could’ve started walking down a path of social advance and fulfillment. Maybe I want to be asexual or whatever, but all i know is, im starting to not care anymore about sex.

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