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    Hi everyone! My name is Leslie, and I just moved to Tennessee from Florida for a rare job opportunity as a librarian at a small college (any fellow librarians out there?). I’ve suspected for a few years now that I might be more on the asexual side of the spectrum, and I just worked up the courage today to try meeting like-minded people.

    To start with, I still want affection and romance, including cuddling and kissing, but I just don’t find myself to interested in “traditional” sexual contact (for me, that means any genital contact; I know that definition sometimes differs from person to person). It says on my profile that I’m only seeking women, but I’m open to any and all gender identities; basically, I’m more interested in establishing a connection and long-term intimacy above all else.

    If anyone is in the Memphis area, or within a reasonable driving distance, I would love to get together sometime and get to know you. Even if we’re not close geographically but would still like to chat, I’m more than happy to do that too!


    Hi Leslie! I’m in the same boat, starting to open up and reach out to others who are similarly heteroromantic. Just the act of being on a forum like this and seeing that there are lots of other people like me/you/us is a relief and a big positive boost.

    I’m about as far as you can be from Memphis in the Continental US but I’d be happy to chat sometime! We’re all in this together.


    Hey Leslie nice to meet you! Welcome to the community. I’m not exactly close either but I’m always willing to chat and love to get to know new people.


    @Leslie Nice to meet you!

    I am also like you, not interested in actual sex but enjoy physical intimacy and affection (from both men and women). I am no where near Memphis but I am here if you need someone to chat with.


    Thanks for everyone’s very encouraging replies! I’ve been going non-stop this week at my new job AND getting the last of my boxes unpacked, but I’m hoping to reply to each of you this weekend. 🙂 <3


    New jobs and new places are exciting. When I was in the Navy I always loved stepping on to a new base. It was a bit of an adventure. Good luck.

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