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    Hi!…I been here for a while…and can’t make friends….man is really hard…haha… u.u


    Hi sorry to hear you are a bit down,it halpens to us all sometimes,ive not had much look on here I did meet one woman who was loverly but she had such a busy social life she had no time for relasionship with me even though we got along well.My advice to you is to gradually seek out non judgemental friends it may take time,but a few years down the line you could find yourself with a supportive special friend,or good still looking for special relasionship myself but have managed to get an ok group of friends,I hope this helps:)



    It sure can be hard, but it’s totally worthwhile – for anyone looking at or posting in this thread, there are at least 2 new people to potentially talk to already, so there’s already some light at the end of the very short little tunnel.

    Making friends is never easy, and staying friends takes real dedication, commitment and the ability not to brush off the other person, but seriously confront them when an issue arises. Our efforts will pay off!


    I can relate to this post even though I’m a new member here.
    I’ve met a lot of people both online and offline and it really is difficult to find those few people who you can connect with on a personal level.
    I’ve joined groups before with fun and lovely people but it’s staying connected with them that seems to be my problem.

    I wish you the best of luck though that you’ll find people to talk to, you can count me in also if you want but I’m not sure how active I’ll be here yet.

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