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    Welcome. The idea of this movie club is to watch a movie every week and share our opinions in a forum (so there will be a forum for each film or theme). We could have a different theme every month, which means watching four movies from a particular director, nationality, genre, etc.
    Here are some alternatives for the first theme :
    1.-Wes Anderson
    2.- Zombies
    3.- Japanese horror
    7.- WW2
    9.-Howard Hughes
    10.-Jack Nicholson
    I tried to be sort of eclectic since I don’t know your preferences XD.
    Please answer which one you prefer or suggest another theme (if you want to suggest Romantic Comedies, nobody is going to judge you).


    Hey ! It’s only for movie or also tv serie ??


    hmm… I guess it would be more simple if there were another group for TV shows. Why don’t you open one? I would definetely join and express my profound love for Game of Thrones.


    “if you want to suggest Romantic Comedies, nobody is going to judge you.” That made me laugh so hard, because I read it as: “if you want to suggest Romantic Comedies, nobody is going to judge you . . .<in a dry voice>yes we are, we totally are.” LOL. I’m weird like that. 🙂

    On a serious note, this was a brilliant idea Jennifer. I think this is a fabulous way to watch movies that we may not have watched since there are so many people from different backgrounds and countries on this site.

    How about comedy as a genre for the first month, since there’s a lot of sad things going on in the news recently.


    Jennifer => Yes you’re right, I’ll try to open a group soon : ) and good choice, I love GOT !
    Steph => yes, why not ! What do you suggest?


    Maybe everyone can suggest one and then we can vote on the four to watch?
    The Heat?


    The Heat sounds good, I love Melissa McCarthy. Maybe the theme could be funny women, what do you think? For example, I think Leslie Mann is really funny so..
    “This is 40”?
    I haven’t seen it, it doesn’t have a very good rating in but I don’t always agree with the critics.
    I also like HBO’s GIRLS a lot, so how about Lena Dunham’s movie..
    “Tiny Furniture”?

    By the way, thank you both for participating 🙂


    What an excellent idea! I must say, though, I have a very weird taste in movies, so I feel like all my suggestions will result in raised eyebrows. However, four of the possible themes posted are themes I really enjoy, so who knows.
    I have some fun suggestions for Japanese Horror movies, but they could possibly be seen as more of a comedy than horror, such as Dead Sushi, which is about zombified sushi. That covers two themes at once!


    About comedy, who saw “Intouchable” ?


    The untouchables? If it is the one i’m thinking (about the quadriplegic millionaire), I really liked the characters, and I thought it was very funny too.


    Yeah sorry, “intouchable” is the french name 🙂 I loved this movie too! One of the best French film. And as you say, the characters are endearing. You saw this movie in subtitled version?


    Well, Semok, I must confess I’ve watched a shameful number of absurd, plotless, weird, indie films, it’s kind of an addiction. So don’t hesitate to suggest any movie you like. I will probably download it and watch it instead of working in some important presentation, cause that’s the kind of irresponsible things that I do.
    Now, about the japanese films, I was actually referring to the grat terrifying ones, the kind that Hollywood buys and then makes a mediocre version (like The Ring or The Grudge). BUT, I think I like the idea of weird, amusing, so called “horror films” better. It will be much more fun to discuss them and try to figure out what the film-maker was thinking of. We should expand the category to “Oriental, bizarre horror films” because there are some freakishly awesome movies from China, Indonesia and India, as well.

    So, I let it up to you to pick four films for the forum that will open simultaneously with the one featuring comedies. It would be great if you could come up with the selection by sunday, so we can start the forums on monday as “Week 1”.

    I hope everyone agrees with this. Comments are always appreciated 🙂


    Yes, Ridha, I watched it with subtitles in spanish (I would have missed the spelling too, if I hadn’t googled it). You might also like The Sessions, it also explores the life and point of view of a paralyzed person, although it focuses more on the sexual aspects. I liked The Untouchables better, but I still recommend it.


    @ Semok and Jennifer: I like the idea of Oriental Bizarre horror. Horror normally scares me, but if it’s quirky or humorous than I can tolerate it. Dead Sushi sounds interesting.

    –I love Paul Rudd. However, this is 40 was not as funny as I thought it would be. It’s not a movie I would say: YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS. I isn’t horrible though.

    So to Summarize the above posts…the comedies to choose from so far are:
    The Heat
    This is Forty
    Tiny Furniture
    *Any other suggestions?*

    Plus Semok is going to post 4 other movie suggestions for Oriental Bizare Horror.


    I am? Actually, I can think of 4, though some are better than others.

    My other suggestions for Oriental Bizarre Horror, not including Dead Sushi (which is one of my favorites) include:

    Zombie Ass (it’s a weird one, even for my standards. It’s also not as funny as I would have thought it would be. It’s also rather gross. The trailer is hilarious, though: )
    The Happiness of the Katakuris (More bizarre than horror, but still fun. A bit slow paced, though)
    Hausu, or “House” (Hilarious and bizarre, with attempted horror)

    And I guess my last one isn’t really a horror movie, but it is really weird and one of my favorites, along side Dead Sushi. It’s called Robo Geisha and is about just that. XD


    Steph, you are right, This is 40 wasn’t as funny as it seemed. I also watched Tiny Furniture and I liked it but it is more of a drama or an indie film than a comedy. Like you said, so many terrible things are happening, we should watch something that makes us laugh. And then I accidentally ended up in this page:

    These are supposed to be the funniest movies, according to a somewhat “scientific” process.
    I don’t disagree about those movies being funny (I laughed so hard with Borat and Superbad) I just think it’s too bold to say they’re the funniest ones ever.
    But what do you all think if we pick four out of that list?


    Since we don’t have a voting system yet and there happens to be four of us participating in this forum, we could pick one each. My pick is

    The naked gun.

    I haven’t seen it and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

    So… As soon as everyone picks a movie, I’ll open a forum… or topic, I think that is the right word for this threads or whatever they are XD.


    Oh man, The Naked Gun is hilarious. I always lump those movies with the Airplane and Hot Shot movies, since they have the same sort of comedy.


    I love Airplane! “Auntie EM, Auntie Em, it’s a twister, it’s a twister!” and “Surly, you can’t be serious?/ I am serious and don’t call me Shirley.” LOL. There are whole scenes I can quote. 🙂

    Naked gun is a good choice. I know I watched it, but I can’t remember it.

    My choice is: Life of Brian.


    They say that in Airplane there’s a joke every 15 seconds, or at least I think that’s the amount of time. I tried to watch the movies and count, but I got distracted by the movie itself.

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