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    Lets get this ball rolling, huh?

    I’d like to ask all of you what place in Michigan you enjoy the most?

    My favorite place that I’ve visited is Little Sable Point in Mears. I’ve spent most of my childhood in that area and have some great memories. I love hiking on the dunes, looking for fossils and fulgurites. There is a plethora of wildlife to observe and riding dune buggies is always a blast!

    How about any of you?


    I live in SW Michigan, and love that my city has been making new trails and small parks throughout the past decade.

    The outdoors is awesome! It’s nice when a paved trail leads to a bridge over a small stream with waterfowl. Even better when it’s so quiet it feels like your own little secret.

    Michigan has wacky weather, but it also makes for a beautiful landscape. I love spotting animals as well. Heck, there are several kinds that visit my backyard regularly!

    I love owls, and have a friend who is licensed to rehab raptor birds (mostly hawks and owls). I try to make an annual trip to see all her owls.

    Trying to think of any specific landmarks or sites I enjoy most in Michigan. I’d like to try walking some of the Kal-Haven trail someday. (Unfortunately, I can only walk short distances without pain.) I love to kayak, though!

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