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    Should mental health issues stay off of peoples profiles?

    It probably would be better for me not to say so on my profile, but I know a lot of people don’t understand and respect those with mental health issues, so I figured I might as well filter those people out.

    I could tell someone once we’ve started to talk to one another, or when we know each-other a little bit better, but I know what people are like, most people find it off-putting and won’t talk anymore, so I might as well avoid that scenario as I know from experience it hurts.

    It also shows I am being completely honest about myself rather than telling a load of porkie pies, and I know some people admire that as people have told me. And i’ve even encouraged people to talk to me because they’re also dealing with things.

    So what does everyone else think?


    I have BPD. I haven’t put it on my profile but when someone starts chatting on here then I tell them


    That’s a really good question and a really hard one. In my opinion though I didn’t include my disabilities and mental health issues in my profile (kind of forgot) I think a disability and or mental illness really is part of the person and makes who they are for better and for worse so I think it’s probably better to include it. Better to be upfront and get it over with even before. Mental health is still seriously stigmatised so including it in your profile is really helping all of us. There should be no shame in it. Amelia


    I agree with Amelia 100%, especially in the fighting stigma bit. Plus, having a disability or a mental disorder is hard enough as it is, and covering it up can be very draining. But I speak from the point of view of someone who really dislikes having too many people in my life, so scaring them off is really not a problem to me.


    Well I find it difficult.
    I want to be honest about my mental health, but I would rather tell people in conversation, than put it in my profile.
    It’s not shame but fear of being misunderstood, or to see people avoid me because they think I’m scary or dangerous. I’d prefer to think I was quirky. ^_^

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