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    So, I’ve noticed no one really talks to each other, and I even paid a full years sub. It would be nice to get to know other people, like me, so I know I’m not just some freak. I have major insecurity issues and anti-social tendencies, but I thought joining an Ace site might help a bit… Anyone else feel like people are just too shy to get out there?

    Lori C

    I’m certainly not shy, but mostly introverted because I truly enjoy my time alone.

    Is there a topic you’d like to discuss?


    I’m willing to talk, but I’m so deep in the asexual closet that I have difficulties even discussing it with other aces, which I know is totally irrational. Also, as a relatively life-experienced fart (who uses euphemisms like this because he’s also in age-denial), I despair of finding another asexual partner (though I once came close), despite the many wonderful platonic relationships I have had with women over the years. I suspect most of us are a bit introverted at least in part because of fears of “coming out” as aces publicly. Regarding introversion, I have a shirt that says, “Introverts Unite! We’re here. We’re uncomfortable. And we want to go home.” And I’ve never worn it in public. How pathetically nerdy is that? However, most people would describe me as outgoing and extrovert, but I don’t. Obviously how we see ourselves is often not how others see us. Anyway, as Lori C asks above, is there something specific we should talk about?


    I hear you on that one Dan.

    No topic in particular just trying to make friends. I don’t get out much because of many reasons. I have the internet or crochet/knitting to keep me busy.


    I’m the opposite of Dan out and proud haha but I’ve had the luxury of being sure of who I am since teenhood. I can’t imagine the difficulties some of you face :(. I was actually hoping to find some fellow World of Warcraft players around here but so far its just people friending me and not saying anything. Introverts have indeed united but separately haha.


    I play Final Fantasy 14!

    I do wish things were more active around here, or anywhere really. I have yet to try finding anything on Facebook. I’m shy, and have extreme low self-esteem.

    I came to terms that I was Ace just recently, and was afraid to tell anyone after I accepted this about myself. I always just assumed there was something wrong with me (not that I don’t already have a slew of medical issues!) So, I was really sort of hoping to have more contact online with Aces. Just because I know that knowing people like yourself and having a common ground makes it all easier to accept it. Kinda like a support group but also making friends.

    Lori C

    Hey Mouse!

    What knitting project are you currently working on?
    And the real deep-dive question… how big is your stash?

    I finished some washcloths for the kitchen and started some winter beanies.
    I have yarn in 3 – 6′ high bookcases, 9 dresser drawers, and four totes.

    Lori C

    Katra ~

    Sorry, but World of Warcraft and other MMO fantasy games are just not my cup o’ tea.

    It’s odd because I 100% completed Skyrim, Skyrim Definitive Edition, Oblivion, and Morrowind. I really love Morrowind and wish they would remaster it for the Xbox One.

    Lori C

    Okay, All,

    I will throw out a topic.

    Do you think you’re abnormal for being asexual?

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