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    I want to meet a grey or semi-asexual woman for friendship and maybe more: someone who loves to communicate and chat, to touch and kiss (with the tongue), cuddle, hold hands, public displays of affection (no sex). She is happy to live separately but in a fully committed relationship.

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    Hi Hj, I have some got a number of the qualities you are looking for and have sent you a PM. I also live in the UK. I am on Facebook too, if you want to connect there!

    It is only the touching thing that we are probably not the same on! Which can be huge!

    Communication and chat is a must for me.
    Kissing with the tongue, is a must for me.
    Cuddle and hold hands are a must for me.
    Public displays of affection are a must for me.
    Happy to live separately but in a fully committed relationship is also must for me.
    No sex ever, is a must for me.

    Hope to hear back from you.

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